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How I Sucked my Teacher’s Manhood to Pass his Subject – Female Student




An 18-year-old female student, Mary, of Fazir-I-Omar Senior High School in Iwaya area of Yaba, Lagos State, has narrated how one of her male teachers slept with her (oral sex) in order to pass his subject.

Mary Speaks: (student)

“When I first got to Fazir-I-Omar Senior High School in 2016, I was in SS1. The teacher was the first to come to my class. He is feared by many of us.

“I was seated in the second seat in the third row in a class of about 100 pupils. Anytime he was teaching, he would throw a marker at anyone of us to answer a quiz.”

“one day, He threw the marker at me but as i couldn’t answer the question, he flogged me with a cane.

Afterwards, He told us that the syllabus for the first term was voluminous and that each student must pay N30 each for him to make photocopies for them.

He made me In-charge of collecting the money and accounting for the names of pupils who had paid, after which he would make the photocopies and give me to distribute to my classmates.

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During my second term in SS1, I stopped going to the teacher’s office for counsel because some classmates had started accusing me of flirting with him.

“But one day, he called me and asked why I wasn’t coming to his office anymore. He accused me of following bad friends and I responded it wasn’t so.

“I started going to his office again and on a certain day, he asked how many men had slept with me and I told him I wasn’t a virgin. However, I did not tell him that I have been raped thrice before.

“The first time was when I was in the village in Abia State; the second time was in Ibadan; and the third time was in Lagos.”

“My Teacher told me that he was going to discuss something important with me the following day. When I got there on the said day, He was busy and asked me to come back.

“When I returned, He asked me to stay in his office, saying he was still busy. He said I should wait. I waited until around 3.30pm, our closing time. My friends were waiting for me so that we could go home, but he asked them to all go home because he wanted to discuss something important with me.

“He then asked about my family and I told him. I told him my father was deceased and that my mother sold groundnuts. He said I shouldn’t bother my mother with any responsibility and that he was going to help me to graduate in flying colors in exchange for sex.”

“He asked if I was wearing underwear that day. I said yes. He said I should go to the toilet and remove it, put it inside my bag and return to his office. Thankfully that day, a female teacher came to his office and I quickly ran out of the school premises.

“The following day, he was cross with me. He asked that I see him later in the day, but I said I wanted to take care of my mother, that she was sick and needed care. He said I was giving him excuses. He said I should never think I could deceive him.”

I was called to the teacher’s office as no lesson was going on in her class. When i got there, he ordered me to bring an item out of a cupboard in his office.

“As I got to the cupboard, he stood next to me, unzipped, and ordered me to suck his manhood. I was forced to do it.

“After I did, he said he wanted to have sex with me. I refused. He said I was too scared. However, I passed his subject that term.”

“One day, my class teacher (a female), who is a pastor, called and preached to me. She asked if I was having any issue with anyone in the school, I said no at first, but she asked again, and I said yes. I told her about what I was facing in the hands of my teacher.

“She asked if I was sure of what I was saying, because in the school, everyone knows him to be a strict man who also preaches during morning devotions. I said I knew what I was saying; she then prayed for me and told me not to go to his office again.”

During my third term in SS1, I faced intense pressure from the teacher to have sex with him, but I refused. I was eventually promoted to SS2.

On resumption day, I met the teacher at the school’s gate and that was the second time I was forced to give him oral sex.

“He said I had done something wrong and that I should go and kneel down under the table in his office. When he came to the office, he unzipped his trousers and asked me to suck his manhood.

“He again demanded for sex, threatening to make sure I didn’t graduate with my classmates if I refused. Still, I refused.

“He then challenged me that if I had slept with three men in the past, what was holding me. I informed him that I was raped on the three occasions.

“That term, I failed his subject. He commented on my script that there was room for improvement. He told me that the ‘room’ for better performance was the time he was giving me to think of his proposal,”

He said that anytime I am ready for sex is the time i will improve.

“He asked why I was behaving ‘strangely’ when some of my classmates were ready to jump at the opportunity. He threatened that I wouldn’t be promoted to SS3 and that I shouldn’t bother reporting him to anyone. He said he wasn’t scared of the educational district and the Lagos State Ministry of Education because, according to him, I had no evidence to implicate him,”

I was Afraid that i might not eventually pass and graduate from the school, So I decided to write the female teacher (who preached to me) a letter, seeking her help to process my transfer from the school.

“That was last Saturday. I wrote down my experience on a sheet of paper, asking her to help me. She asked if my mother was aware of my situation, but I told her no. I didn’t know how to tell her,”

Meanwhile, I stopped going to church and couldn’t concentrate on my studies.

I wrote to the teens’ coordinator in my church in Makoko detailing my experience.

“I said I couldn’t tell my mother, so he (church official) helped me to tell her. He also promised he would help me get a lawyer in the church so as to get justice. My mother learnt of my plight just this past weekend,”

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Mary’s mother:

I noticed some changes in my daughter in 2018, but each time i ask what was going on, she refused to open up.

“She was not herself, but despite asking her what was going on, she didn’t tell me. I told her I was her mother, she should tell me whatever she was passing through, being the eldest of my three children.

“She was getting lean. I sell groundnut, but I have never sent them to hawk for me. I just want them to face their education. Sometimes, even when we don’t have food at home, I will ensure that I buy any textbook that she needs.”

Delivering her judgment at the court, the Chief Magistrate ruled that there was no prima facie case of “indecent treatment of a child and sexual assault by penetration” against Akintunde – contrary to the prosecution’s complaint.

“The suspect, Ajayi Akintunde, is hereby accordingly discharged,” Chief Magistrate ruled.

The Teacher Speaks:

“I thank God that despite all the accusations, the truth came out. I also thank God because my family and friends, church members, neighbours and most especially my wife all stood by me.

“During this period, I almost committed suicide. But I will never forget a police officer at Area F Command (Ikeja) who stopped me from doing so. I had asked my wife to buy me sniper, telling her I wanted to kill mosquitoes in the cell.

“My wife believed I truly wanted to kill mosquitoes, but when the police officer overheard our discussion, he ordered my wife not to buy it. ‘You are just about to kill your husband,’ the officer told my wife, who burst into tears. I apologised to her and thanked the police officer,” Akintunde narrated.

The teacher, who said the victim accused him of the act because he was too strict and flogged her on different occasions, said he had since simmered down.

“I am no longer strict unlike before. I have left the aspect of discipline to the school principal and parents. It’s not my job again. I only go to class and teach. Even if a student refuses to write notes, I won’t force them,” He said.

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