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Stop investing your money in the Church, Plan for your Life – Nigerian Pastor (Video)




A Nigerian Pastor “Pastor Oladele” General over seer of Genesis Global, on a Sunday service urges his members and Christians to plan for their life rather than investing their money in the church.

Read His statement Below:

Don’t believe the future will take care of itself, it’s a foolish mentality.

I repeat, if there is any money you have in this church now that you want to invest into this church am not saying you should not follow the kingdom of God first but plan for your Life, plan for your family.

The Money you want to invest in this church, bring it together, go and invest in property, if you buy a land Now for 5 Million, in the Next 10 years maybe you are going to sell it for 50 million.

Because a Pastor will not remind you or ask you if you have planned for your future, at one point in time, if you are too poor you will leave the church another person will come, nobody will ask after you.

Oh! You may not like what I am saying, but I don’t want everybody to like what am saying, I just want to tell you the truth.

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Am not saying you shouldn’t pay your tithe, am not saying you shouldn’t give money to the church, am not saying you shouldn’t bless your pastor, am not saying you shouldn’t bless the wife of your pastor, the children of your pastor; But be wise, Be wise!.

If you have 10 million Now, instead of you forming in the church so that they will call you a rich man, plan for your life, plan for your family, Invest and buy Land of 10 million, Maybe in the next 10 years maybe you are going to sell it for 100 million, when you are 65 years old, If you Check your account and you are telling yourself “you are broke” I think that should be a good broke.

As was He speaking, Odince blog noticed that some of his members were not happy with the teaching, some clapped while some refused to clap, He said “you may Not Like me that is why you don’t want to clap and not saying anybody should clap for me.”

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He Repeated, “Sir, Nobody will remind you to plan for your Life’ Not even your family, Not even your extended family or compound family, your church family will ever remind you to plan for your life, they will always come to beg from you, they will beg, beg, beg until you become a beggar and all people who are coming to beg from you have got places where they go to beg before you know it, beggars will be richer than giver, because they will beg from you, beg from him, etc. Before you know it, you don’t have any again and they will be richer.

“Plan! Everything is not about prayers witchcraft, somebody is doing me, nobody is doing you; Plan your Life, Re-strategize, Rebuild your Life, Reconstruct your Life.

“A man does not sleep too much, any man that sleeps too much is a man that is not responsible. He said.

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