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XENOPHOBIA: Many Nigerians in our Country are Drug Pushers – South African minister




Naledi Pandor, South African minister of foreign affairs, says there are many Nigerians in the country involved in drug and human trafficking.

Pandor said this on Thursday while responding to criticisms that South Africa’s security agencies are not doing enough to protect foreigners in the wave of xenophobia rocking the country.

Many Nigerians based in South Africa lost properties worth millions of dollars in the fresh attacks.

But in an interview with eNCA, a South African outfit, Pandor said South Africans believe many Nigerians are “harming our young people.”

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Asked if the country’s security agencies have helped in protecting foreigners including Nigerians, she responded: “I would appreciate them in helping us as well to address the belief our people have and the reality that there are many persons from Nigeria dealing in drugs in our country.

“I believe that Nigerian nationals are involved in human trafficking and other abusive practices.

“These kind of assistance of ensuring that such persons do not come to our country will be of great assistance to our nation.”

The xenophobic attacks forced Nigeria to pull out of the ongoing World Economic Forum in South Africa.

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In its initial response to the fresh attacks, the federal government summoned Bobby Monroe, South Africa’s high commissioner to Nigeria.

President Muhammadu Buhari also dispatched a special envoy to convey his concerns over the attacks to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Nigeria demanded full compensation for its citizens affected in the latest attacks, but Pandor had earlier said there is no provision for such.

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Emmanuel Chukwuemerie Onyekwelu
Emmanuel Chukwuemerie Onyekwelu

You said that you people believe that most of Nigerians in your country are involved in drug and human trafficking.Why not arrest those people and punish them according to the law? This is the reason why you people will kill all Nigerians in your country,it stupidity at the highest level, You people should better be careful,left for me alone your country must be sanctioned.Nigeria that saved you in the past, that you people are now fighting,Karma is real! and it must surely come to you people.

Ramatu usman
Ramatu usman

instead of killing foreigner why not asked the foreigners to leave your country and also involved all head state of all foreigners to warn their people to leave the country with at least warning that anyone who refuse to leave anything happen is his/her fault then taking peoplecunaware killing them anyhow ,including the security instead of the security to protect the foreigners but the are include in the killing this is somehow injustice please south Africans stop behaving like ignorance

Yakubu Yau Isah
Yakubu Yau Isah

To me and to everyone working with his/her common sense this is a barbaric habits by South African citizens. Arrest anyone with such charcters be it him or she is a Nigerian or any nationals proscute him/she and if caught guilty on any offences then deal with him/she period. But you allowed your people killing, destroying and burning every Nigerian simply because of they are rich more than you.


PLEASE COME AND FETCH YOUR PEOPLE HERE IN SOUTH AFRICA. WE ARE SICK OF DRUG PUSHERS…..Here is a message of truth from a Kenyan who has been living in South Africa for many years but has decided to go back to his country of origin because he is sick and tired of what is going on in South Africa: "I have been living in South Africa legally and am one of the few foreign nationals who believe South Africans are not Xenophobic. I have handed in my resignation at work and I believe I will be accorded resignation in my… Read more »


May God allow peace in Jesus name