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16 things you should not do on your first date


It is normal to be anxious particularly when meeting an outsider just because and now and again that outsider could wind up ending up some portion of our lives.

When going out for a date with somebody we know nothing around, a great deal goes through our head and a large portion of the inquiries we pose to ourselves without finding solutions is ‘ Is he going to damage or assault me’? not terrible to push yourself with such inquiries since it’s great to be security cognizant.

The greater part of the occasions, you escape by your feelings on your first date and you won’t know when you will begin spilling out insider facts you shouldn’t uncover to the outsider.

Do you know the person can easily figure out your weak points? it’s possible because most people read minds and with the character you display at that moment, the person will have it in mind that he or she can easily lure you with sweet romantic words.

Below are things you should not do when going out on a first date:

  • Don’t look scared
  • Don’t be nervous
  • Don’t talk about the nature of your father’s job
  • Do not forget to ask questions
  • Don’t dress like an irresponsible girl
  • Don’t talk about when last you had sex
  • Don’t go with friends if you are meeting in an open place
  • Don’t look dull
  • Don’t share your whole life story
  • Don’t be rude to the waiters
  • Don’t lie about yourself
  • Don’t get drunk.
  • Don’t order for many things
  • Don’t boast about what you have or do
  • Don’t talk about your past relationship
  • Don’t take too many Phone calls, you can put your phone on silence
  • Don’t forget to look directly to the person’s eyes when talking
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