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A 77 year old British man dies while watching horror movie




Motion picture goers in Thailand got an unexpected outcome when, toward the finish of the blood and gore film they desired, they understood a man had kicked the bucket in the theater.

A 77-year-old British man named Bernard Channing went to a film in Thailand to see the blood and gore flick, Annabelle Comes Home. It is vague what occurred however when the motion picture was finished, Channing was discovered dead.

The old man was purportedly found by the lady situated alongside him. Be that as it may, she didn’t see his going until the motion picture finished. At the point when the motion picture was finished and the lady acknowledged Channing was dead, she shouted out for assistance and individual moviegoers called crisis administrations.

Channing was articulated dead at the scene. Neighborhood police said that there is no doubt of injustice for this situation.

Because of Channing’s age, some may conjecture a conceivable heart assault yet this hasn’t been affirmed. As indicated by The Sun UK, a post-mortem will be performed to decide the precise reason for death.

Channing was visiting Pattaya, Thailand, for excursion. His is the second demise that has been related with The Conjuring establishment.