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After Few Years, Lady Meets a Pastor who Converted her when she was a Prostitute




A Nigerian Pastor “Gospel Ugochukwu” shares a story of a Lady who came to seduce him in his Hotel Room at Abuja when she was a prostitute, but he preached to her and she Repented, Today she is Married to a Rich Man.

The pastor Narrates the Story;

I heard a knock on my hotel room 201 door that faithfull evening around 1am I opened the door and saw a beautiful fair average height girl she said sir I want to keep you company; i asked “what do you mean?
she replied nawa for you o’shebi na only you dey this your room I replied yes she said let us do short time 10k or all night 40k.

I was embarrassed ??I was thinking is this how this hotel run their services by giving you woman without extra charges.

I missed my flight to Liberia to preach for my friend Apostle Benedict tweh, so I had to find a hotel at Area 1 to fly the next day. I told the girl “wrong room, I am a pastor she said, Pastor no de enjoy?
Cold no de catch you? At that point I told her to come in; She Came in.

I told her to sit down, she sat down blowing chewing gum like an explosive, I told her I will pay her for both short time and log time if only she will give me some time. She agreed I took the bible in my bag and told her to open John 3:16.

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Her face changed I told her don’t worry my boss will pay, she didn’t know I mean (Pay for her sins)
I spoke to her for 30 mins preaching the word of God to her she started reeling in tears; she said she was doing it because she has no helper. Only her is carrying all her load.

After preaching to her I led her to Christ and she promised and vowed never to go back to sin again.
When I was giving her money he said no papa pls I don’t need it. She took my number but we never spoke again.

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Today I was about to check out of my hotel in Abuja when someone rushed me and hugged? me wearing uniform with another man I asked who are you?

She said papa it’s me you met at hotel in abuja this is my husband. I was dazzled she introduced me to the husband and reminded me what happened??

The man works in an oil company who was one of herPatronizers in her sex business after she got converted she also converted the brother preached to him and he repented even became a pastor in a Church thy started relationship which ended up in marriage now they base in London and even have a child. The man came for a Business meeting.

Glory Be to God!!

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