Akwa-Ibom Bridge collapses, Dangote Truck falls inside (photos)

According to reports, A Bridge in Ikot Ukpong of Obot Akara Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom state has collapsed while a truck loaded with cement from Ikot Ekpene attempted to pass through the road this morning.

People are seen cartering away with the cement while a large chunk of the product is buried in the stream.

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With this unfortunate development, Obot Akara residents, particularly those in Ikot Ukpong and surrounding communities have been cut off from Ikot Ekpene and the rest of the state except they go through Nto Edino via Umuahia road.

The people of the area appeal to the State Government through the Ministry of Works to intervene urgently to ameliorate the sufferings of the people.



  • Write your comment here…In order that such incidence was averted, there should b a caution sign 4 a selected lighter vehicles only 2 cross d bridge, thanks.

  • The colonial masters who constructed the bridge saw the need for it, whereas their successors in an independent Nigeria didn’t. Everywhere you find pretenders going into government for reasons of their personal greed, pretending to go and serve the people.
    To start with, the road leading to the bridge is a death trap, devastated on both sides by severe gully erosion. It passes through Urua Otu, a one time headquarters of Otoro County Council of old, and currently serves as the main artery to Nto Edino, the headqusrtets of Obot Akara, from Ikot Ekpene.
    The bridge in question was bombed during the Nigerian civil war, and rehabilitated thereafter, but nothing like a fresh construction.
    The immediate community which the road/bridge serves has had its fair share of people in government, from the colonial days till today, who never thought of reconstructing the road/bridge.
    I think it serves them right, even if they have to pass through Abia State to connect with other parts of Akwa Ibom State.
    I won’t be surprised, though, if these self same pretenders start to visit and console the village heads and the paramount ruler over the demise of the bridge.
    To them, every opportunity serves the purpose of keeping up their social media presence, as if they were living in Mars over these past decades. Promises will be made that are never meant to be fulfiled.Who does?
    Watch out for them.
    Mkpö urua anna, urua anna!

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