Home News Another Xenophobia As South Africans Loots Pakistani Shops (Video)

Another Xenophobia As South Africans Loots Pakistani Shops (Video)


South Africa on the news for the bad reason again. Now they’ve got moved to robbing & looting Pakistani shops.

In a video shared on Twitter by civil activist, Yusuf Abramjee, looters are seen fleeing one of the stores with bicycles, speakers, and suitcases.

People appearing to be the owners of the shop are also seen fighting with one of the looters as they try to recover their merchandise.

This is to show that No nation is exempted, South African Men are very Lazy and that is the Cause of the Looting and xenophobic attacks.

Unlike Nigerians, The Pakistanis Are very Dangerous, South Africans should be Careful with who they toy with to avoid Bomb Blast.. (:


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Another Xenophobia in South Africa…

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