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Biafra struggle is at the Point of No Return – MASSOB




The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB) has declared what Igbo need is Biafra and not the Presidency.

The group’s leader, Uchenna Madu, told The Nation that their total commitment was on the actualisation and restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra through the principles of non -violence.

“We shall never exchange our Biafra freedom for the position of being a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction,” he affirmed.

Some political parties and Igbo leaders have been campaigning for Igbo like in 2023 for justice and equity in the country

But Madu said they were not objecting to anybody’s ambition for Igbo presidency, adding that Igbo could no longer be deceived.

According to Madu: “MASSOB is not against the crusaders and agitators of Igbo Presidency of Nigeria as a balance of equity and justice in Nigeria”

“We view the office of the president of Nigeria as a temporal venture but actualisation of Biafra independence is a permanent existence.

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” Nobody has ever died for the struggle for Igbo presidency but we have died, imprisoned, tortured, killed, dehumanized, mesmerized for the sake of Biafra.

“The Biafra self determination struggle has reached the point of no return. The consciousness and reality of Biafra has sunk very deep in the minds and thoughts of every Igbo person irrespective of his or her political, economical, social, religious and business affiliation or service with Nigeria.

“We started with non violence methodology, we shall continue to maintain our principles of non violence irrespective of several push from the security agents of Nigeria state to resort to arms struggle.

“We shall not succumb to the antics of our oppressors, because we respect the sanctity of human lives, MASSOB shall maintain the principals of non violence and civil disobedience”

“MASSOB believes that the state of Biafra can be actualised through non violence methodology because black Americans and India achieved their freedom through non violence.

“We shall remain consistent, unshaken and resolute in all our approaches towards our freedom from Nigeria.”

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