BIAFRA: Yoruba Man shows A Clear Difference Between Jubril and Buhari (Video)

This personality that was confined to death bed, who subsequently Became a Hero that many of those political Elites in that contraction called Nigeria rallied round Him knowing fully well that the person in question was Gone and Suddenly Became a Hero. He said.

Is It a Moral act or A fraud?





  • You have don very well, this is to say that not all yorubas are bought over. Let the truth be said.

    • Why won't activist stop talking and take this issue to international criminal court so we can get Justice served in Nigeria

      • You are an intellectually dishonest Yoruba man and b4 u shout tribalism I'm a 110% Yoruba man! You are so garrulous and repetitive in the beginning of the video and what actually put me off was that you called Nigeria a cursed Nation? and on that final straw I stopped your fabricated fake news video and never watch the rest claptrap of it.

    • Nigerians always like to make noise only social media, see the type judgment that tribunal ruled and only what we can do is to arguing it on social media, no protest has made. The fact is that Nigerians doesn't know how to fight for there right. If buhari is a jublin let God justify that. God bless Biafra and God Nigeria.

      • I believe Buhari is dead ,his hands pam and ears are different,who will face him to tell him u aren't Buhari ,it's as be a while we know and hear isn't Buhari

    • Nigerians shld remember Aisha Buhari said that "This is not my husband and that these 3 people should produce my husband". Again she mentioned the names of 3 people as being in charge and not her husband". On her return from Saudi.Thank you for highlighting further the evils of the "Caliphate" which Nnamdi Kanu exposed to the whole world . This is def. Not Muhamadu Buhari in Aso-Rock.

  • Mazi Nnamdi Kalu has been singing this as a song, pple benefitting from the Government and d press both intertional and national turn a blind eye to it. Very soon we will know who is fooling who

    • Why won't activist stop talking and take this issue to international criminal court so we can get Justice served in Nigeria

  • Nigerians need to wake up from their slumber…Aisha Buhari has challenged them that the government has been hijacked by the cabals aka Abby kyari and mama Daura..but the political Juggaknots who want to continue ruling predent nothing penetrate..Very pathetic that the so called elites are cowards to confront the northerners for their atrocities

  • Sir you are doing a very good job, Nnamdi kanu have been talking about this and show them evidences but they claimed not to know what Nnamdi kanu is talking about, but everybody will know it very soon maybe when Biafra has gone….I have been asking thus very question…… DO PEOPLE GROW YOUNG OR OLD ??, old buhari suddenly became this young and fresh…….That thing in Aso Rock is fake…….let the people of Nigeria find a way and kidnap Abba Kyrari and force him to say the truth or the y get hold of the current immigration boss and the whole truth will be known……

  • It's a disgrace with all ur spoken English. Buhari is d worst president Naija ever got but ur analysis on him was just childish. I thought u going to use video evidence as sample but u using mere pics as an example. Do u know anything that's called Photoshop? This is problem nowadays with smartphone and social anyone can just post anything and says that's d truth and some we believe them. I hate Buhari regime but this video is just bs.

  • The video on the arrival of his last treatment from London Augost 2017 shows that was not Buhari, since then there has not been any live video showing him on any event in the public, or visit to any state, or to commission any project, or to address the public or procession, it's only photo photo and photos, Buhari is no more. Why can't nigerians ask how can ministers be reporting to Abba kyari instead of the vice president even if the president is no more ? The north want power power and power. A former British senetor said it, the Queen of England wrote a condolence , AU gave a minute silence in his honour, and we are still in doubt.

      • Somebody came up some time ago and proved beyond reasonable doubt that the man is dead.Now you have come up with undoubted proves.Now the question is which way Nigerians?little country in eastern Europe could not stand ordinary bribery which is nothing in Nigeria. How much more this level of crime. Woe to Nigerians.sorry to say this,but indeed Nigeria is sheet-hole (TRUMP ) No nation in the world can take in this kind of attrocity.

  • Osinbajo knows the truth about all these things but don't want to show himself a Christian he claimed.

    • Osibanjo or what ever his name maybe called. Is a big fool. Sorry to have fake person like him in power..

      Tell me Pls how else can God save our nation. If this big fool osibanjo has failed to be wise….

  • Frank, what exactly are you attempting to do? Are you lecturing your viewers on Morality? I tried hard to go on watching this video but I simply could not. You repeat yourself many times and in essence not adding value to whatever you had previously stated. The consequence is that I could not go beyond the early three or so minutes of this tape. As a result I have not a clue as to what you were intending to talk about or reason with your audience. This is one prospect you have lost.

    You have to be conversational not didactic as you are in the few minutes of this video I struggled to watch. Remember me? Ipemndoh? I am @IP_dan_Iyan

  • Sir thanks for this analysis but Nnamdi Kanu has made a more intrinsic and authentic analysis on this same issue but a lot of people are still in doubt, I PRAY they will come to their senses and see this evil as they are.

  • Sir please u don't make any sense you can't compare you said he was sick so didnt want him to get well go and sleep

    • Who is Nandi Kano or whatever you called his name, so you think Nigerians did not know that he is being sponsored by the politicians. He went abroad hidden and exposed the lives of so many of his followers to death. Why is he fighting from abroad and staying from one hotel to another. He should go back home and face it. The past hero’s that fought war stayed at home. Where did he get all the money is spending abroad.
      Nigerians are too big to be fooled by the concocted video the paid idiot is showing us.
      So you think all the armed forces will keep quite if Buhari is dead and replaced, you think people like Obasanjo, Atiku will not know or you think all the ministers, National executives councils and the opposition parties will all be be silenced.
      Poor those that you are deceiving because they are like you.
      God will intervene one day all the bad politicians and you that are collecting money from them to deceive us will perish

  • You people keep talking about BIAFRA and do not really follow the issue the legal way, I think that is just the problem and the delay in the actual target.
    Why not stop all this make ups and start the real thing the legal way.
    Or is there no legal and other easy ways to capture this Biafran dreams than making up all this mirage and shadows, you know, a lot of good people are dead because of the same issue and we are still here demonstrating eh.

    I think the wise takes decision when time is still in his favor.

    Let's please take lasting strong dependable legal decisions and work on it lawfully to actualize the long awaited almighty Biafran dreams and so let the people equally be alive to see and enjoy the glory that follows.


    Rv. Marcel
    Kings family

  • Huh, Mr analyzer, I wish you could relinquish Bihari from the seat and put either Kanu, Atiku or your self, if you can't do that you are traitor beating about the bush, better find some other sources of income instead of plugging this Country into chaos

  • Why won't activist stop talking and take this issue to international criminal court so we can get Justice served in Nigeria

  • If you have anything to say why not go straight to it and stop repeating one word as if you are an elementary school teacher?
    If you are not busy some other people are pretty busy. Your style of presentation is quit odd and it is so dull take away interest from what you are saying.

  • My own opinion is that real Bihari have love of Nigeria in mind there is no way he can govern us like this the truth is there the Bihari us dead

  • sir you are great l hope people know should by now that is not really buhari they heard now thanks

  • Good point sir but Zoo youth are fools that don't want to hear the truth and take time to find out themselves but following old fulani fools like sheep

  • Wasted time and data. I started watching the video with all gladness, and great expectation of verifiable evidences only to end up watching useless comparison. Are you God to determine a man's look at every stage of his life?

  • Pls i couldn't go further watching the video. I had to cut the video at 10 minutes. It was pointless listening to one thing been said again and again. It was would have been more fun to watch if the speaker went straight to the point please.

  • Brother you are very right. I totally believe you since the south african problem happen and the buhari we know didn't say anything sensiable.

  • I was so anxious to have new facts and the unique "truth" about this debate since the rumoured "death" of the PMB, his recovery and eventual return from medical vacation in London.

    Big disappointment in the end, no new evidences and truths found in your video. I have just wasted data, and more painfully, time watching the fraudulent clips and listening to your rantings.

    From the last electioneering campaigns to now, haven't you seen PMB at public functions? Would such secret as you insinuated about his impersonation be kept for this long in a country where the likes of Chief Obasanjo and Rtd. General T. Y. Danjuma live and are passionate critics of Buhari's government?

    No doubt, your video is the next episode in scripts written by the opposition since the loss at the Presidential Elections Petition Tribunal last week. It wasn't well done, after all. Only the gullible like you will believe.

    Please, my appeal and prayer to all of you who never see/find any good in Nigeria and with Nigeria and her succeeding governments, is to let us be. Let's, for once have our peace, and focus on issues of developments and growth. Can we please focus on political education of our numerous masses for them to be wise at the polls next time in 2023 and, change the narratives to how to harness our human and material/ mineral resources to the overall improvements in our socioeconomic lives and lift the majority of our downtrodden populace out of poverty?

    May God judge and punish the troublers of our peace in Nigeria hard in Jesus's mighty name, Amen.

  • It's an insult to 200 millions Nigerian to say that we don't know who is our president, or our president is duplicated.

  • The presenter video and evidence dey very poor! its pure fake news!! The sad thing is people do believe in this unconfirmed allegation. I dont like Buhari at all and until Ibo Man is allowed to rule naija that naija go dey better. im not talking about okorocha type of ibo oo.

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