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Boko Haram killing of the CAN chairman is not Buhari’s Fault – Femi Adesina


Femi Adesina the Senior media aide to President Muhammadu Buhari in an interview with Thisday has asked how is the killing of Adamawa Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) chairman Rev Lawan Andimi the fault of government? and that offload this right at the door step of the government is hate.

Amotekun: Buhari is interested in peace, progress –

It doesn’t matter. I am a Nigerian. Yes, I am a south-westerner, I am proud of it, O’dua ni mi tokan tokan. And besides being a westerner, I am also a Nigerian. I don’t speak for Arewa, I speak for the president, so, Arewa can speak for itself, can defend itself. The southwest can speak for itself, and defend itself.

On the issue of Amotekun, we have heard people, who spoke for the federal government that surpasses it. You have found that the issue is being sorted out at the instruction of the president to the vice president. He said ‘meet with these governors’ and you see that progress is being made. That shows you that the president is interested in peace and progress of the country.

How is the killing of Adamawa CAN leader the fault of government?

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“So, Andimi is not a government thing, it’s the insurgents, who abducted him and every effort was made to release him. They were even raising money and beginning to talk with the insurgents and the next thing in the news was that he was beheaded.

“How is that the fault of government? It touches us as it touches anyone. It touches the family, the President, every right thinking Nigerian, but to offload this right at the door step of the government is hate. We don’t need to hate our country, we don’t need to hate our president; we don’t need to hate our government.

“It’s an ill wind that blows no good. Part of my duties is to defend him when they have said malicious things, hateful things, unkind things, because of carryover of sentiment of the past. It’s my duty to defend him and that is what happened to CAN.

“CAN came with a narrative that has long been thrown overboard in the country, because there was a time the then Gen Buhari was de-marketed as anti-Christian and then a time came, when even Nigerians, particularly Christians, voted him into office first time and second time.

“Now, CAN is still suffering an overhang of that and is coming up with these allegations. It is my duty to defend the president and I do that without fear of failure.

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