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Buhari and Abba Kyari secretly Travels out of Nigeria last Night (Leaked Audio)


Jackson Ude, The former Director of Strategy/Communication under President Goodluck Jonathan has shared a leaked audio on his soundcloud of How Buhari and Abba Kyari were allegedly flown out of Nigeria in the Night for Medical treatment Abroad.

In the Leaked Audio Downloaded and monitored by Odinceblog, A Lady was Heard narrating how her Friend’s Husband who is a pilot was called out of Quarantine to fly Buhari and Abba kyari out of Nigeria but he later referred them to another pilot because he is under quarantine.

She was heard Raining Curses on Buhari for Abandoning Nigeria.


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“My sister, wahala dey this country oo, you won’t believe that Buhari, Abba Kyari and some people sneaked out of the Country Last Night.

“My Friends Husband who is a Pilot, He came Back from Dubai almost 2 weeks ago, He is under quarantine, He was called to fly them but because he is under quarantine he has to do the flight Plan for them and they got another Pilot.

“As we are speaking Now, the idiots have escaped, leaving us to our faith but i pray they don’t make it alive. They deserve to die, they didn’t fix this nation, they shut down everything, and they didn’t shut down on time because if they had shut down on time, this thing wouldn’t have happened. But Buhari waited till his daughter and other of their children return before they shut down now they have escaped.


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Samuel Arinze
2 months ago

God pls put them in shame let them come back in ghost failed Govt with fake ppl

Abdool Wase
Abdool Wase
2 months ago

Idiot you will be the first to die before them

Ugah divine ugwumusinachi
Ugah divine ugwumusinachi
2 months ago

Update me