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Buhari should also Release Biafra agitators who are in prison – Ohanaeze



Mazi Okechukwu Isuzoro Interview

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide, Led by Okechukwu Isiguzoro, watched keenly the viteprative rethorics of the Attorney General of the Federation, Mallam Malami, who was credited with statement last week that ,he has no such powers to order DSS to release Sowore.

Unfortunately after USA Ambassador to Nigeria visited Buhari to deliver what is suspected to be a strong persuasive message USA Congress and Government to Federal Government, and then Attorney General Suddenly remembered his powers and issued a directives that Sowore and Dasuki be released immediately.

We laud President Muhammadu Buhari for prevailing on the situation that would have damaged the international status of Nigeria as the largest democracy in Africa, and Urge the Presidency to release All Other Prisoners of Conscience, especially Biafra agitators who are currently released on bail but are still held for political reasons.

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The alleged USA Congress leaked letter being circulated in the media as the political reasons for the surprised release of Sowore and Dasuki are Unhealthy international Dimensions which should be checkmate immediately because desperate politicians who are fanning ember of disunity and discord, May cash in this dangerous dimensions, to always conspire with foreign Allies and Super powers to interfere unduly in Our internal matters as a Sovereign Nation.

Presidency should overhaul and preview her modus operandi on the issues of Rule of law respect for Human rights and privileges and obey court orders, in order to avoid Such Alleged USA Congress leaked letter being circulated as the main reason for the sudden release of Sowore and Dasuki, this will be a mockery of our Democracy and FG should avoid Such repeat again in the future.

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OYC is worried about the failed Assassination plot and attempt on the life of Former President Goodluck Jonathan at his country house at Otuke Bayelsa State as the handiwork of Desperate politicians and fallouts of the power tussles of just Concluded Bayelsa State Governorship election which the state opposition party won APC won against PDP.

We are worried because the life of our beloved Grand daughter Dame Patience Jonathan is at stake and We call on security agents to fish out the perpetrators and sponsors of this devilish act.

We warn those who suddenly became Jonathan’s detractors immediately after Bayelsa Governorship election not to resort to violence and vengeance, but should accept people’s verdicts as the political decisions of good people of Bayelsa State, any further attempt on the lives of Former President Goodluck Jonathan and Patience Jonathan may result to break down of law and order in the oil Rich State of Bayelsa, as OYC mandates President Muhammadu Buhari to beef up security around Jonathan’s Family, and Warn perpetrators and sponsors not to sell their souls to Devil….

OYC will reach out to Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide to provide private security around the Jonathan’s Family.

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