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Buhari used tax payers funds to buy a ₦280 million Mercedes Benz for his inauguration – Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri Has calls out Buhari again For Refusing to perform well as a president during the Coroanvirus Pandemic.


“Many of you know that I am a Buhari Tormentor. However, I don’t torment the tyrant blindly. I do so only when there is genuine cause. The medical supplies donated by Jack Ma were donated to Nigeria, not Lagos. There is nothing wrong in taking SOME (not ALL) to Abuja

“General Buhari used tax payers funds to buy a ₦280 million Mercedes Benz Maybach for his inauguration. He lavishly spends the public’s money on himself, yet during the #CoronaVirus crisis he refuses to lead or give the public palliative reliefs

“No matter how disappointed you are with General Buhari, it is morally reprehensible to wish him or anyone else dead. I listened to the so called leaked audio and in my humble opinion, it is a hoax. But even if it’s true, the speaker has an agenda .

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“Dear Nigerian youths, Hundreds of you send me your account details, saying you have no money during this #CoronaVirus lockdown. I can’t give you all. Go to General Buhari’s TL. Flood it with your requests for money. He is your president, not me!

“Dear General Buhari Nigeria doesn’t have enough doctors and nurses for the CoronaVirus pandemic. Make a broadcast asking for volunteers. Use the ₦150 billion you budgeted for NASS to pay them. If you dont know how to lead, I just gave you expo!

“Dear General Buhari, You fumigate Aso Rock to protect yourself. jide sanwoolu is fumigating the whole of Lagos. You eat at tax payers expense, yet don’t care Nigerians starve during #CoronaVirus lockdown. Sanwaolu is 10 times the leader you are.

“CoronaVirus has shown why Nigeria needs true federalism and not this present feeding bottle fake federalism we have. General Buhari has shown a complete failure to lead. If not for governors like jide sanwoolu, Nigeria would be like Italy. We are rudderless!

“Not only is Jide Sanwaolu fumigating Lagos, he also set up food markets in schools to provide food to Lagosians. What has General Buhari done besides hiding in Aso Rock while Nigeria goes through the biggest public health emergency in its history?

“May God bless APOSTLE SULEMAN and Reverend Fidelis of Omega Fire Ministries, OFM Lagos, for distributing FOOD, MONEY and SANITISER, for FREE to both Christians and Muslims. This is so commendable. What the FG has not done, a man of God is doing!

“To those whose past time is criticising pastors and the church, please don’t forget to appreciate APOSTLE SULEMAN for distributing FOOD, MONEY and HAND SANITISERS to Nigerians, FREE. It is wrong to call out mistakes and not appreciate true religion.

“How can General Buhari go into hiding as Nigeria faces her greatest public health challenge ever? This is not what the WHO meant by social distancing. This DELINQUENCY. If Buhari can’t lead, let him hand over to jide sanwoolu. That is a leader!

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“On March 10, 2010, General Buhari asked then President Umar Musa Yar’adua to resign over his ‘non appearance’ while Nigeria faced a crisis. Today, Nigeria faces a far bigger crisis. Yet, Nigerians have not seen or heard from Buhari for 5 days!

“Dear General Buhari, You are not the one tweeting. It is an assistant. Where are you? Don’t hide behind an assistant pretending to be you. Go on the NTA NewsNow, that you wanted to spend $500 million digitising, and digitally speak to Nigerians!

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