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Chinese Man caught on camera, eating a live Frog (video)


A Viral video has surfaced showing an Asian man chewing off the head of a living frog and then eating the internal body parts at China’s Wet market’ while onlookers gazed at him.

In the vile 57-second clip, the man can be seen walking up to a store in a wet market and grabbing a live frog from a container. He then bites the Frog’s head off while the frog writhes in pain. He then eats the insides of the animal and the limbs.

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The vile video comes amidst reports the dreaded coronavirus originated from a wet market in Wuhan, China.

A wet market is a market selling fresh meat or wild animals, fish, produce, and other perishable goods as distinguished from “dry markets” which sell durable goods such as fabric and electronics.

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