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Coronavirus is a lie, it is a Plan to kill Muslims – Islamic Leader


Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir, Leader of Izala Muslim sect in Plateau State, during a sermon to his followers on Izala TV said the deadly coronavirus is an international deceit from the western world.

Jingir said it was a western conspiracy to stop Muslims from performing their religious rites, noting that the virus, was a lie.


“My religion of Islam is greater than my life; my president. No one can stop me from performing salat(prayer). Trump was amazed when he saw the circumambulation around the Kaaba in Mecca during his visit to Saudi Arabia.”

“He(Trump) therefore, vowed to stop it. Prophet Ibrahim (AS)has already prayed for the safety and security of Mecca.

“So, whoever believes in Trump’s coronavirus and stopped praying in the holy mosque in Mecca, should seek forgiveness and open the two holy mosques for the Muslims to pray.”

“Is the virus as effective as fire that couldn’t burn Prophet Ibrahim( AS)? Then the virus is a lie. Whatever you will say, say the truth…a professor has said it was a lie…I’m sure some have heard him.

“President of Turkey declared that they shouldn’t stop the Juma’at congregation because of coronavirus. That they don’t believe in the virus, they only believe in Allah.

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“Another country in Europe also took the same path. Ask President Trump. This coronavirus that was written in a book 39 years ago, is it now that they are unveiling it. How many graves of coronavirus victims have you seen. How many of the victims have you seen in hospitals?

“We were witnessed to the cholera epidemic in Kano and we saw how massive burials were done. We saw the graves. But where are those of coronavirus victims?

“Personally, to me, coronavirus is a lie. Every Muslim knows that Dujjal will appear at the end of the world, this Dujjal is a liar; a worthless liar who will appear and claim to be God. He has one eye and will travel round the world in 40 days.

“Dujjai will come to the world and deceive people with lies. So, those who were misled by Trump’s coronavirus will easily be misled by Dujjal.

“Prophet Muhammad(SAW)has said that the first thing a man will be judged with hereafter is the salat. Now they are toying with our salat.

” coronavirus is an international deceit from the western world”

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  1. He go and visit the chief of arm staff if the corona virus is a lie, he should his finger on his eyes mouth and nose and his hand shake with the chief of arm staff

    • Is Donald the inventor of covid-19? Ignorance is epidermic.As at today over 8000 people have died of the disease in Italy alone, not to talk of Spain, China, US, etc

  2. Christianity and Islam we All foreign religions , the white man including Arabs are foreigners. P

  3. Returning and Blieving in Allah is the only solution, dedication in performing all forms of ibadat seeking forgiveness and abstaining from all forms of evil did not closing places of worship,hindering gathering ,closing schools self isolation or whatever just returned and believe in Allah he will do it for us.

  4. All these fake scorlars will expose themselves and their ignorance… I am a Muslim and this dude is talking horse shit as usual (them izala as usual, claiming to know when in reality they are in total eclipse)

    • I believe in whatever perpective the preacher enact his words, was suprised Saudh Kingdom could close their door to the two Mosjids. You were warned from the Quran not to get closer to the Jews, the new ruller of the kingdom romance the Jews Vehemently, now mr Trump saw a great opportunity to dissarays the circumbulation from the Great House of Allah, they shut Muslims of their feet ,a great Achievements. Muslims where do you ket your Faith.

  5. This scholar is unfair to islam and even himself.Preventing group prayers can a bit be overlooked.But denying the existence of the virus is not only irrational, but smacks off bigotry

  6. May the almighty Allah choose the best way for us on this complexity we found ourselves
    May he deduct this chronic infectious viral disease (Corona) in all over the world

  7. Kai, Corona is real sir. All we need is prayer and that’s all an don’t try apportioning blame or accusations to an unknown person.

  8. Alhamdulillah. Sheikh has said his understanding of this covid-19. So, whatever it is at the end history will do justice to every single perception.
    For me covid-19 is true and is a biological weapon. Who, when and for what purpose it is created and released I don’t know yet. This also history will expose all culprits.
    Rabbi sallim sallim

  9. This guy is a religious bigot who had allowed religious sentiment to becloud and blindfold his sense of reasoning.
    His avowed hatred for Trump will not allow him to know that the Coronavirus did not start from US and that Trump has no hand in it.
    Fanatic who I hell-bent in using false religious propaganda to mislead unsuspecting followers

  10. A good Muslim / Christian is a good citizen. A good citizen obeys the law of his country. When Corona attacks one person , it has attacked 20 or more persons directly or indirectly. There is no time to argue with Government orders. All human race is at the risk of extermination by this strange disease. Whether Christian or a Muslim, you can still connect to your God in the confines of your privacy for now. Protect yourself and save humanity. No time for display of ignorance in the name of religion.

  11. Papa sheik xx hv just display his complete illiteracy, and ignorance by naming Thrump as the owner of the Coronavirus, making his prophecy doom.bcos he (Donald) Trump’s is also suffering from the same pains.his pple are not just dying but is number one in the world wit the highest population.of victims of Coronavirus. Ignorance is not an excuse b4 the law.papa pls it is not just the Muslims that are dying.both Christians and non Christians alike are all dying..sorry, Corona is real papa.it is not a religious thing.the better you get that into ur brain the better for ur followers. Don’t be decieved, if you dnt want to live again, owing to the fact that you are old already,wat abt those who are just coming into the world at there prime? We all the except God decide otherwise.but you can’t see it coming and you wait for it an eye ball to an eye ball.stop the fanatics papa. U can only teach the living and preach to the living.we call it wisdom,even though I know common wisdom is not also common.God help us all.


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