Home News Coronavirus: Nnamdi Kanu organises IPOB Doctors and Nurses in Enugu (video)

Coronavirus: Nnamdi Kanu organises IPOB Doctors and Nurses in Enugu (video)


As Nnamdi Kanu announced N50 Million from IPOB to help fight Coronavirus in Biafra Land, He also gave directive to organise IPOB Nurses and Doctors who will be equipped to help treat Coronavirus Patients in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Yesterday, 30th March, IPOB carried out his Directives and successfully organised Nurses and Doctors.

In Reaction Nnamdi Kanu wrote:

My Fellow Biafrans,

“Yesterday 30 March 2020 brave sons and daughters of Biafraland, acting on my directive assembled our doctors, nurses and other health care professionals in various states across our land to coordinate our response, as a people, to the global Coronavirus pandemic.

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“I am particularly grateful to those brave doctors that offered their hospitals and volunteered to work with IPOB to ensure adequate and proper care is provided to those who may require intensive medical attention during this difficult period.

I was privileged to personally address, via conference call, our doctors and nurses assembled in Anambra State for this great humanitarian task of our generation. Going forward, I hope to be able speak to the Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa health workers on or before Friday of this week. Further details will be provided during our live broadcast tomorrow at 7 pm.

Thank you


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Ojeanalonye chiemerie
Ojeanalonye chiemerie
1 month ago

What a great man indeed may Almighty God bless you and keep you safe and free from these notorious thieves amen you have done well.my able Superior sent from God.

Ahamed Tijani
Ahamed Tijani
1 month ago