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Enugu Airport Closure is a Plan to Frustrate the Igbos – Comrade Udeagha




The Closure Of Enugu Airport Was Geared Towards Frustrating Ndi Igbo

Enugu Airport! Once a very busy Airport has become a total shadow of itself, a graveyard; What can we call this?

I went on a fact finding mission in the airport, the fact remains that The Airport workers are frustrated and helpless as there is no sign of movement and mobilizations by any contractor for the renovation of the runway and that will affect so many people,apart from regular travelers,the food vendors who has batcher’s behind the Airport are lamenting, Airport taxis have been put out of business, the Hotels in Enugu metropolis will be hardly hit as customers who would have slept over in Enugu before embarking or disembarking on their journeys will now be doing so in Imo state or Porthacourt.

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The pertinent questions which I will like to ask the Federal government are:why closedown the Airport after the Enugu state Government has complied totally with your technical conditions?

Why closedown the Airport without plans to mobilize immediately to the site for quick renovation knowing very well that the entire southeast region depends on that airport for air transport? Why closedown the Airport without improving our dilapidate Federal roads?

Is there a clandestine plan by the federal government to subjugate us owning to the fact that The Southeast Governors forum wrote to the Federal government to suspend the closing down of the Airport?

By Comrade Udeagha Emmanuel Chinedu

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