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Even saints from Heaven will be corrupt if they come to Nigeria – Senate




The Senate has said that with the level of corruption in the Country and very low welfare package for justices,  judges and judicial officers if saints are appointed from heaven to take charge of the process, they will be corrupt.

Senator Bamidele said, “For so long, has the story dominated our political space that our Judiciary is corrupt. As far as we are concerned, it is time Nigeria to change the narrative, it is time for Nigeria to show that we are serious and we understand the full and true meaning of the independence of the judiciary, a cardinal aspect of it is financial independence.

“We are concerned as a committee and as a senate, that we must not allow the rest of the international community to leave us behind.

“Something urgently needs to be done about the plight of the Nigerian Judiciary. No Nigerian will not be surprised to hear that when a judge has to go out of the station all he gets us N25, 000 to stay in a hotel, and you wonder which hotel. “

Essentially, my Lord, we are concerned about the welfare of our justices, our judges and the judicial officers’

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“Under the present set of circumstances, if we appoint saints from heaven, assuming we are able to do so, to serve on our bench as justices and judges, it is only the strength of character of the individual judge and justices that can prevent him from being corrupt.

“No one will endorse or support corruption, and as far as we are concerned, it is also not a moral history, it is a sociological history and it needs to be addressed materially, thought very special and extra-budgetary provision.

“We are convinced that there is the need to make available to our Judiciary a special intervention fund and I believe this will be an issue for both the legislative and executive arms of government to address most speedily beyond the current budgetary provision.”

“But in a swift reaction to the alleged corruption in the Judiciary, the National Judicial Council (NJC) Executive Secretary, Ahmed Gambo Saleh said that if the corruption there was juxtaposed with other Systems in the Country, the Judiciary will be Saint. Saleh said “the welfare packages for judicial officers in this country is nothing to write home about. Judges’ salaries were last reviewed in 2007.

  “I don’t think that there’s all that corruption in the judiciary. But when the so-called corruption in the judiciary is weighed against what is obtainable in other systems, the judiciary would be a saint.”

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