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Fulani Herdsmen kills Hunter in Imo state, COSEYL Reacts


The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL), Has condemned the Fulani herdsmen attack on a hunter in imo state.

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We the Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL), the umbrella body of all the Youth organizations in the South East zone codemn in strongest terms the unwarranted attack on a hunter named Eze Anorue , in Amakohia-ubi community in owerri west Local Government Area of Imo state by killer and notorious Fulani herdsmen. These wicked Fulani herdsmen cuts him with different sizes of machete cut and left him to die. 

The attack on Anorue in his ancestral home on Tuesday 15 October 2019 between 8 and 9 pm is totally unacceptable to us. The Fulani herdsmen have declared war on Ndigbo who have do nothing wrong to them . 

We call on the Amakohia-ubi community , the entire people of Owerri west LGA and entire Imo Youths, hunters and able bodied men to mobilize and move into the forest to apprehend the murderous and killer herdsmen that committed this atrocious act. This is a tattoo and it’s never condone in our land.

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The South East Governors have banned the movement of cattle by foot in the zone. Why should this criminal herdsmen disregard the directives of South East Governors.

All traditional rulers, Town hall unions, and youths organizations in South East zone should wake up and enforce the directives of the South East Governors in their respective domain by making sure no cattle is allowed to move by foot. 

The Fulani herdsmen that attacked Anorue. Are they attacking him because they are now the rightful owners of Amakohia-Ubi community? What message are there trying to send. For anyone to come into another person’s village and attack him means that he is telling him to his face that the community he finds himself now belongs to him. 

The activities of this notorious fulani herdsmen on Igbo soil is broad daylight robbery and we will not allow it to stand. Enough of this insolence. 

We call on all fulani herdsmen to leave South East zone immediately with their cattles because movement of cattle by foot have been banned . It is a tattoo to remain in the zone.

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The Chief of Army Staff should immediately declared “operation python dance 4″on notorious and murderous Fulani herdsmen that are moving around  killing  people and causing different forms of havoc in the name of cattle rearing. 

We demand that the state house of Assembly in the 5 South East states should immediately pass anti-open grazing bill into law. The time is now. 

We therefore call on the Inspector General of police Adamu Mohammed to immediately direct all commissioners of police in the 5 South East states to implement the directives of the South East governors banning the movement of cattles by foot.

The Governors have the Constitutional power and mandate of the people to represent and govern them and their directives as the Chief Security Officer of their respective states must be obeyed and executed by the police.

Chief Goodluck Egwu Ibem 
President General

Comrade Kanice Igwe 
Secretary General

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