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God is About to do something in Nigeria – Pastor Tunde Bakare (video)


Pastor Tunde Bakare has revealed the vision he saw about Nigeria

Just imagine what would have happened if Nigeria split and became another Somalia or we scatter in different directions?

“God has been so merciful… I saw a rainbow around Nigeria with the word “RE-SET” boldly written across the land. God is about to do something, let’s be thankful, let’s thank God that we are still a nation,

“Yes, this is not the best that is expected from the government, but they also have challenges and it is overwhelming. We must give thanks to God that we are still a nation and that there are better days ahead.”

According to vanguard, Answering questions on his presidential aspiration, Bakare said: “You know you must not count your chickens before they hatch. when we get to that bridge, we would cross it. God knows who and who will be there in 2023. I don’t own my life.

“He is the author of life. But it’s not an ambition that I am pursuing vigorously, it is an aspiration and by his grace, I know that I have something to offer my Nigeria, it can be better than this,” Bakare said.


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