How a Fulani Herdsman tried to Rap* and kil* me inside the Bush – Igbo Girl (Video)

TRUE LIFE STORY, Anambra state

About 15 year old girl, Chinaza, Narrates her experience with a Fulani Herdsman as she was passing nearby a bush in the village of Anambra state as was rescued by a Lady who called about Two men to interview her.

My Name is chinaza, from Enugu-Ukwu, but Living in Umu-Oji Anambra state .

I was passing along the street, near a bush, A Fulani herdsman Jumped out from the Bush and Held my Neck Trying to Strangle me to death, I told him to leave me alone and he said he is a good person.

I insisted that he should Let Me go that I don’t know him, He repeated that he is a good person and dragged me into the Bush.

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As he forcefully dragged me into the Bush i started crying, shouting for help but there was no one to help, immediately he called one of his colleague on phone telling him to come around so that they can kill inside the Bush. I keep struggling, he said he will kill me and i told him to kill me.

He tore my pant and forced his manhood in my private part trying to rape me, held my breast, Neck and i keep shouting, Immediately a Lady was passing by and saw us, she shouted and the Herdsman Ran away.




  • Satanic people. They should be flushed out of our communities. Is that the grazing they are doing. Rapping and killing people. Let them go and do it where they came from. Useless heartless set of people. Idiots

  • This should be reported to the appropriate authority starting from the village leaders and the police. The should mount a man hunt for these elements and apprehend them. Its was God that saved this poor innocent girls life.

  • So these devilish people are bent.on disturbing our peace and the governmant is foing little to protect the people. Why not pass the no grazing law and flush them out of our lands. Why thesedggovernor

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