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How can FG Rehabilitate arrested Boko Haram Terrorists instead of Punishing them?




Recall that The Nigerian Army reported that they are rehabiltating repentant Boko Haram Memebers.

A twitter User and a Terrorism Activist, Ahmad Salkida, Wrote:

“The so-called rehabilitation and release of #BokoHaram members presumed to be repentant is a most ill-informed strategy. It should be suspended indefinitely. In my considered view, until the war ends, a suspension should remain.

“The suspension of the rehab-release strategy doesn’t undermine the process of de-radicalization or investigation into those wrongly detained with a view to release. The idea of pandering to murderers and disregarding their victims must stop.


Mazi Olayinka – Rehabilitating terrorists is a misplacement of compassion. People should be made to face the consequences of their evils. Unless the Nigerian state will give adequate punishment to every terrorist, all terrorists will terrorise with the thought that they could still be free.

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Bukola – Any serious government at war with a deadly group like Boko Haram that has added a global dimension to their terrorist act would not be rehabilitating captured war criminals so fast that they re quickly integrate into a society that is plague with unemployment.

Eniola – I knew this government doesn’t mean well for the people when they decided to rehabilitate terrorists and send them back into the same society as the one they destroyed. It doesn’t seem ill informed, it is deliberate.

Olusina – It was a nepotistic fraud from the beginning. How can anyone called captured criminals “Repentant”!! Of course, they allude to Niger Delta militants, but they conveniently forgot those ones surrendered voluntarily and drop their arms!!

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