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How I Poiisoned my Husband and Cut off his Di*k – Nigerian Woman Confesses




Suzan James Guldi is married to James Guldi.

They stay at Uke in Karu local government area of Nassarawa State.

They got married eight years ago and James was the type of husband any woman would pray for because he was very strong in the other room.

James satisfied her sexually to the extent that she told her friends about his exploit.

They had carnal knowledge of each other almost every where and time. She told her friends including Vicki her best friend_ a widow. They jokingly begged to allow them to have James just for one day.

Trouble started after we had our two kids, then James started abandoning me, we stay for months without James coming close to me. I was so disturbed that I reported to my pastor who summoned James, he promised to change but he never did. I reported to his parents but he didn’t honor their invitation.

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Three years ago, I was told by her other friends that my best friend Vicki was having an affair with my husband, I monitored them and caught them drinking in five different occasions. My Husband started keeping late nights and Victoria started avoiding me.

When I confronted my husband, he denied it saying I was acting silly, he also advised me to go look for another man who can relive all the good moments we have had together to console myself.

Then, I stumbled on a text message that caused me an emotional excruciating pain. The message was from Vicki my best friend the widow. She was telling James about how he took her to “cloud nine.”

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I felt enough was enough: I decided to buy a tasteless, colorless and odourless poison, I mixed it in James food, he ate it and an hour later he was in pain, I told him what I did, that i was the one who poisoned him, I picked up a knife, cut his Di*k and placed it on his chest and watched him die.

Who do we blame and why?
A. James the husband.
B. Suzan the wife.
C. Vicki the best friend.

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