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How My Son went to Prison since 2017 for a crime He did Not Commit – Nigerian Woman




A 28-year-old Nigerian Man, Rotimi, who was arrested on November 15, 2017 with others by Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) operatives from Abuja at the instance of a lawyer alleged to be involved in a property fight at 8, Agorodiyan in Victoria Island with one Segun Babaloye has Declared his innocence on the Act.

Rotimi Tells His story:

The worst part is that I did not know anything about the fight. I learnt that the late landlord’s son and a tenant who’s a lawyer fought over property. I do not even stay there; I just went to charge my phone at my friends’ place. My friends were working as guards employed by the late landlord’s son.

“So, that day, policemen just came and packed all of us. They took us to Abattoir in Abuja and three days later, they took us to a Magistrate’s Court where they accused us of stealing jewellery and phone belonging to the lawyer. We denied it and then, the police took us back to Abbatoir and we were there for over two months.

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“After that day, the man said unless we provided Mr. Segun Babaloye, he will not let us go. He said he bought the house from Segun’s father Pa Babaloye when he was alive and that Segun.

“It was after that period that they now took us before Justice Binta Nyako of Federal High Court III and charged us for armed robbery, kidnapping and terrorism. We have been in prison custody since that time.

“The police made such huge allegations against people without any evidence. The worst part is that I did not know any of these things and I am not involved. My friends are not involved either. Some of those arrested with me were eating yam outside, while others were security men.

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“It is unfair how we have been made to suffer over a case that does not concern us. This is a typical case of the grass suffering when two elephants fight. I am appealing to President Muhammadu Buhari to order an investigation into this case so that the truth can come to light and we can go home.

“I am begging them to release us because we did not do anything. We are innocent. Our case is coming up on November 20 but November 15 will be exactly two years we were arrested and locked up,”

The Mother Speaks:

“I have been going up and down since 2017. I developed issues with one of my legs because of that long journey. I have spent more than N200,000 on this matter but my son has not come out.