How my Step Brother & His Friends Slept with Me for 4 years and I Contracted HIV – Little Girl

A 12 year old girl has contracted the dreaded HIV/AIDS disease after she was raped by her 25 year old step brother, Abdullahi Mohammed and his friends in Abuja.

“ My father and mother separated and He married my step mother who has a son. We were living peacefully until one night when I was lying on the floor and Brother Abdullahi came and started fondling my breasts.

When he didn’t see breasts, he said he would suck them until they came out.

When I objected, he raped me. He used a handkerchief to wipe off the blood that was coming out from my private part.

He threatened to slash my throat if I told anybody. I didn’t tell anybody and it continued.

He raped me every night; and sometimes he brought his friends, especially Ahmed along with him to rape me,”

I was afraid i would be killed by my step brother or suffer maltreatment from my step mother if i tell anyone what he was doing to me.

I was diagnosed with AIDS after my father took me to the hospital following my constant poor state of health.

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Doctors carried out various test on me and discovered I had HIV/AIDS.

It was when my father, who was very angry, sought to know how i contracted HIV, When I revealed that my step brother, Abdullahi and his friends, raped me for four years. Subsequently, my father reported the case to the police they were arrested and confessed.

Police reports however shows that the case took a new twist when the two suspects were taken to the hospital and their medical reports came out HIV negative.

“She was not tested when she was an infant, and maybe she was HIV positive from birth. Her half brother confessed that he was the first man to have had sex with the victim and how she got that HIV still remains a mystery,” – police


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