Hungry kid calls 911 and police brought him food (photo)

As posted on Facebook by Sanford Police Department, A little boy in Florida was hungry, really really hungry, so he made an emergency call and got more than he bargained for.

Five-year-old Manuel Beshara called 911 on Friday and told the dispatcher that he was hungry and wanted to order a pizza, the Sanford Police Department said on Facebook.Officers were dispatched to the home, thinking that a well-being check was needed.

They found Manuel and his 15-year-old sister, who explained that they were fine and that Manuel had grabbed the phone without her knowledge.

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The officers decided to use this moment to explain to the boy about the proper use of 911 — before ordering a large pizza and personally delivering it to him.The police department put a disclaimer on the post: #dontcall911fordelivery.

Guess what!! can this kind of miracle happen in Nigeria?.


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