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I am addicted to plastic surgery, I have spent £45,000 to design my pus*y and Breasts (photos)


Tracy Kiss, 32, accepts that she’s “addicted” to cosmetic operations but insists it’s not in an unhealthy way.


“Waking up from the general anaesthetic, I pushed through the grogginess. My breasts were swathed in bandages, but I was thrilled to now be a size 30KK. It was my third boob job – and the latest in a long line of treatments ranging from a designer vagyna to a bum lift.

“Growing up, I felt self-conscious about my 30A chest. My parents begged me to wait before having surgery, but when I turned 18 in 2005 I booked an appointment with a Harley Street surgeon. It cost £4,000 and I paid half with money I’d saved from my part-time job as an office assistant, and put the rest on a credit card. When I saw my new 30DD boobs I felt so proud of my body.

“My boyfriend at the time was supportive, but we split in 2007 while I was pregnant with our daughter Millie. Five years later, during a second long-term relationship, I had my son Gabriel. But while I adored being a mum, I hated what it had done to my body. So, in June 2013, I got a bank loan for £11,000 to have my DD implants replaced with 30FFs. Shortly after that, my relationship with Gabriel’s dad ended because he didn’t agree with the surgery, but I had no intention of stopping.

“I spread the repayments for the loan over five years, but just 12 months later, I got my teeth straightened using £500 of my savings and £2,500 from my credit card. I was earning good money working as a personal trainer, but paying off my debts meant I didn’t buy new clothes, coloured my hair at home and walked everywhere. The kids never went without, but if necessary, I’d miss meals. 

“Then, in 2016, I used my credit card to pay £3,500 to have seven moles removed. I also started having regular stomach-tightening sessions to remove stretch marks. The more surgery I had, the more friends and family attempted to convince me to stop. I just shrugged it off, saying that I was working towards a more confident me. 

“Then, at 29, I started to become self-conscious about my vagina – I hated how it looked after giving birth.

“In December 2016 I spent £4,000 on a designer vagyna, spreading the cost across two credit cards. Beforehand, I had to have a therapy session to check I was mentally prepared for the hour-long op, and during the gruelling six weeks’ recovery my mum helped looked after the kids.

“For the first week it was very painful, I found it difficult to walk and it stung when I urinated. While I was bedridden, I did online work with my clients creating meal plans and workout schedules.

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“A few months later I flew to Spain and spent £4,000 on a nose job, having saved £1,000 from my £35,000 a year salary and taking out a loan for the rest. When I returned, I started getting regular Botox, plus lip, cheek, jaw and under-eye fillers, spending around £1,000 a year out of my salary.

“Meanwhile, I also started a vegan diet and worked out a lot in the gym to sculpt my body. By 2018 I was a size 6-8 and while I loved my flat stomach, but my bum had disappeared. So, that December, I had a £7,000 butt lift.

“My most recent surgery was last September, when I booked a flight to Turkey to have my 30FF implants removed and replaced with KKs, costing £5,000. Beforehand, I had to undergo another therapy session, but they didn’t see any problems so I was given the all-clear.

“With my debt now at £45,000, I’ve consolidated everything into one loan and merged my three credit cards. Although I will be paying it off for the next 10 years, I never miss a payment, so my debt doesn’t really scare me.

“People often say I’m addicted to cosmetic surgery and I accept that I am, but not in an unhealthy way – I think addictions to alcohol and drugs are more harmful. I’m just focused on looking and feeling good. In the future I plan to have hair-thickening treatments, a facelift, a neck lift, and I may have a toe shortened to make wearing high heels easier.

“I’m currently single. Some men have told me that I’m too plastic, but others love my look. I don’t care – I’m proud of my appearance. If my daughter Millie wanted surgery I wouldn’t be against it, but I’d ask her to wait until she was 18. I understand that plastic surgery isn’t for everyone – but it is for me.”


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