I Dress Like Prostitute to Defraud men in Night Clubs – Nigerian Man Confesses

A 29-year-old man, Victor, Has been arrested in Lagos for disguising as a prostitute to defraud men in Club. He was in female costume waiting for “a client” by the roadside.

He wore a wig, makeup and put on padded breasts. He was said to have been kept in the female cell until much later in the morning when a policeman on an inspection around the cell spotted him.

The Police noticed he had few strands of beards which aroused his suspicion.  His real appearance was unravalled by the officer who searched through his body.

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“He would collect some money from his unsuspecting victim as part payment for his service and have fun on his bill. While they were drinking and wining, he would tell the man that he wanted to urinate and use that opportunity to run away.


“I came to Lagos last year and was squatting around. When it was night, I would look for a hidden place to dress like a woman and go to any club to dance as a woman.  Men who have feelings for me would give me money, but I don’t follow them to hotels.  I managed to run away.

“At times, I made N8,000 per day. I was going to a nightclub on September 15 when police arrested me. I told them my name is Joy, but later one of them discovered that I am a man. I do this because I don’t have a job.”


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