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I got a Job and my Husband said I should marry my job – Nigerian Lady


Nigerian Lady explains how she was promoted at her working place and her husband said she should marry her Job since she has no time for him.


“Please I need your counsel. My husband and I are happily married. Never had any issue that we could not resolve until now. We met in the same company 8 years ago. We work in the same company but different branches.

“By the time we met,were on the same level. But as time went on,I was promoted twice, the second one being late last year. I actually did training that gave me the edge for these promotions. My husband was happy for me for the first promotion but the second one is what is causing problem.

“The second promotion actually makes it that I am much higher in rank than my husband. It comes with some benefits too. So,when we go for some meetings,I actually sit with management but he sits in a different area.

“I also have had to travel more cos of my new role. All of a sudden, I notice my husband is behaving funny. He gets irritated easily. When we have a small argument, he goes like: is it because you are now my boss? So you want to come and boss me too in my own house?

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“Anytime I travel and come back, he wont talk to me. He will be saying things like I should marry my job since its more important to me. Actually, I realized that my husband was hoping to get the same promotion I got but he has been denied several times.

“Sometimes, I wish he is just happy for me instead of just being plain jealous. These days,we are not as happy as before. He barely gist with me as we used to do. Before,after work,we spend time gisting about how our day at work went,now,he just goes to sleep without talking to me.

“I have tried talking to him, to let him know that I have not changed and that he needs to see this promotion as a blessing not a curse. He will not drive my official car even when I ask him to. I suspect maybe he is feeling intimidated but I do not want him to be.

“I want my happy and jovial husband back. Please how do I go about this? Should I resign and look for another job?

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Oluwasegun ipintola
Oluwasegun ipintola
2 months ago

Don’t quit your job. Meanwhile get counselors who can assist and you too gotta check your attitudes.