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I Met this Little Boy Stranded in Enugu, He told Me a Heart Breaking Story (photos)


I passed a certain boy twice on Abakaliki road by Brifina hotel junction GRA Enugu, each time a voice telling me this boy needs help urgently, I ignored it and a crazy thing happened.

A client called me to come and inspect the plaza near the same spot and the same boy was there crying.

I and my client approached him and we were told a heart breaking story.

This boy and 5 others were brought into Enugu from owerri by a blind man,an associate and were made to beg round town. These boys were given 200naira after each daily routine.

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He cried most times then one day at ogbete main market they sent him to buy okpa and disappeared. He came back and didn’t see his people then he had no option but to wander.

Honestly we cried because what the young boy wanted was going back to owerri, his dad a Mason has to be located ,he lost his mum, took common entrance last year and speaks well.

Fortunately, he knows his village and the street his dad lived. I took him to abakaliki road police station and as we post the police kept him since Friday we thought he was going to run away but nah he’s real he just wants to go home.

My wife provided clothes and food, he had his first real bath and hasn’t brushed for so long.

We went to state CID to get a letter and a member of my team Chukwuma Sunny Labelle Uwandu will take him to owerri to locate his father.

They will be escorted by the police to avoid stories that touches the Heart.

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it will be a group effort by GOD’S grace.

I met some lovely police officers on this journey.

The Litte Boy’s Name is CHIMEZIE EMMANUEL ODINAKA from umuezirezi alaenyiogwa mbaitoli imo state.


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