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I mistakenly transferred N400,000 to my Pastor and He refused to give me back – Nigerian Lady


Nigerian Lady (Name withheld) Narrates How she Mistakenly transferred N400,000 to her pastor instead of N40,000 for tithe and he refused to give her Back.


“This is not really a relationship issue.

“so my boyfriend made me start coming to his church sometimes around December 2019, I enjoyed it. Its a very popular church in Lagos.

“My boyfriend is a worker and his family goes there too. i have never missed a tithe payment. my boyfriend idolizes the pastor, treats him like a mini god, even the pastor can’t do any wrong.

“So sometimes last week, i wanted to pay my tithe of N40,000 and i mistakenly sent N400,000 to the church account.

“I called my boyfriend immediately and he said we will talk about it. when we saw later i told him and he said i should go to the church and talk to junior pastor. When i got to the church to see a junior pastor they started saying that it is God’s doing that 400k entered and i should leave the money with them that i will get blessings. I said i needed the money to my shop rent, buy some equipment.

“They gave me bad eye. i told my boyfriend, my boyfriend said i should be patient. He was already getting angry that i insulted the church.

“So i called my bank they said the church has to refund it that they can’t do it.The whole church workers has been avoiding me and giving me bad looks. Even my boyfriends mother and sister was not so nice to me when she see me. They make me feel like i stole or i am a thief. I am comfused. This is my money. i have bills to pay. business has been slow this year.I like my boyfriend.

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“It is a two years relationship which may lead to marriage. I don’t have much money, i can’t give 400k i did not plan.The senior pastor is hard to see. I waited outside his office while other workers gave me eye daggers. when i saw him he said i should fill a form and it may take 2 weeks. 2 weeks? why 2 weeks? why is my own small 400k their issue.

“my boyfriend is behaving very funny and he doesn’t want to do anything. He hasn’t been calling me or sending me gist on whatsapp.

“Everyone keeps saying God has a plan for it. I am confused. My sister said i should get police, if i do that, my relationship is over and i can’t go back to this church again.


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  1. Your Offering should come from Ur mind not forcing it on people.If they refused, leave them to God.

    • First and foremost that church cannot be from God they are there to make money and they are not sincere.yiur boyfriend’s pastor and his family will control him when u guys get married and you will not have a say in your home pls make sure you collect back your money and leave those people alone.God will provide your man.if you enter into that marriage you are doomed

      • My dear you have said it all. I advice the girl to go away from that church and also walk away from that stupid guy she called her boyfriend . How can her boy did not do anything to show her love by getting her money back?

  2. My Sister, this is a pilot test of what you will see in that marriage if you go ahead. Your fiancee will never see anything wrong in the action of the pastor. Beware!!!

    • Pls make sure you collect your money……if they still refuse, involve the police. And at the end of it all, leave that relationship for good.

  3. Report the matter to the police. Even if it ends your relationship, cos the way your boyfriend idolizes the pastor will give you issues if the relationship ends in marriage

    • Just get Police involve, what kind of church is that, use all the Arsenal avaliable for you to retrieve your money. As for your Boy friends, it nothing but Olodo. Get your cash back and forget the church and your gambler boyfriend

  4. Call around for a good lawyer. When you find one. Speak to the church and threaten them with a suit. And forget your bf… he is no good. Find you another church.

  5. The head pastor is a complete fraud. He is in the ministry to defraud people and u just fell into his trap. I will advice u go to the EFCC or the IGP Monitoring unit lead by Abba Kyari. They will gladly get u ur money. Forget about that no good boy friend and his demonic church. If u ask all of them eyeing u to show their tithe cards u will be surprised at what they are paying. Hypocrites.

  6. That’s what they all represent in the vineyard of God yet, they are the one that knows wicked government and bad government. You are yet to have bf and good church sis, call civil defence let them collect your money for you. That’s the situation we find ourselves in Nigeria. Gang of armed robbers called pastors

  7. 1) That is not a church of God Almighty.
    2) The phrase “boy friend” or “girl friend” is unGogly. God does not refer to his own children with such name. Only satan uses such name for his own. God refers to his own children as “fiancé and fiancéé” ; “husband and wife”.
    3) With your situation, you are already in a thick dackness and worshipping in the darkness.
    4) The ministers in that worship gathering are representatives of satan.
    5) Pray to God to open your spiritual eyes to be able to worship God Almighty in truth.

    Many people are in this kind of situation thinking they are worshipping God Almighty not knowing they are only bowing their heads for evil forces.

    Lord.have mercy.

    I wish you God’s forgiveness and mercy.

    • You people are slaves to these pastors. I m very glad I never belonged to these group of fraud. Being a Jehovah witness is indeed a great protection. I value my spiritual Heritage. Jah’s blessings.

  8. When you pay tithe under compulsion u wasted ur money.. when you pay tithe cos u think God will curse u or will not bless u if u don’t pay it u lack knowledge, ur possessed with demon of religion, ur under the evil spirit of fake pastors.. when u pay tithe so that u will be a millionaire ur in darkness and God is far from u….if you want to give ur tithe to a church let it come from ur heart and make sure the church is accountable and the purpose of tithe is being executed in that church….

    • Your pastor is terrible man, This happen to be some months back, Right inside church I Sent a chat to my junior pastor about it, Immediately the transfer was confirmed, I was paid back before the service was over.
      Get you #360,000 back by all means.

  9. In all it shows you are a foolish woman, even if. You eventually get married to that your so called boy friend you will have problems, involve the police if you have to and forget about. Your boyfriend and his church. Any how you have the right to be. Stupid.

  10. The first mistake you made was to change your church and start attending your boyfriend’s church when he has not wedded you. Now you see the church is not as gold or diamond as you thought it was. Wait for the two weeks the senior pastor gave you and if your money is not refunded then ask God to show you the way out BUT I won’t advice you to go to authority outside of the church or involving the police, these things the Bible forbids Christians to do, because we are to judge the world and not the world judging us. 1 Corinthians 6:1—- I pray you get your money back.

    • Babe go to police sharp, sharp. If your boyfriend will leave you, if you like add another 400million to that 400k, he will still leave you. You know who needs you at the point of distress. You are the one been stress here, how many 400k do your boyfriend give you cash in two months, or him as a worker ,has he paid tithe of 400k before? Just go for your money ooo

  11. It’s a serious integrity matter thou but allow me to laugh first . I don’t think this should have come to the social media. A Christian not under manipulative church should know without question that this is not godly.
    You are still afraid of your relationship, I laugh again if you think you have a prospect one under this spiritual atmosphere. The decision is yours.
    Incase you choose to stay there then consider that you have paid some other tithes upfront since it collected in the name of tithe.

  12. Good reply, but you completely missed the boyfriend/girlfriend concept. These are mere English words that mean “being the male or female in a romantic relationship”. (Check a standard English dictionary). There’s absolutely nothing devilish about them.

  13. This is a mini slavery,is either you claim your money and leave the church and so call boyfriend or you serve the slavery for your entire life.

  14. I don’t believe this story if the name of the church is not mentioned, if you want your money back mention the name of the church and the head pastor and I am very sure you would get your money back.

  15. you are a big natural idot.
    no need for solution forget the money jesus will come down from heaven to pay u your remining 260.000k u hear sista mumu.

  16. Get a lawyer with d evidence of ur payment and sue Dem to court and court will give u a court order to ur bank, ur bank will used d court order to contact d bank u made d transfer into and d bank will freeze d church account and order d church to appear in court by dat ur money will be out. Dat’s d rules dat follow Money transfer by error. Jst follow d principles ur money will be out, u must not pay ur title in dat manner.

  17. This case has helped to reveal the kind of congregation you found yourself. They are all hypnotized and they can never see anything wrong with their pastor!
    However, you have been promised 2week. Pls endure. It also shows that your hubby is not mature spiritually. You may also need to join their queue soon or deliver yourself now.

  18. Now are you blame the church even you made a mistake from bank to another bank there is prosecess to follow

  19. Abie: Pick one between that careless guy of urs, the worldly minded church and your money. if they don’t refund you print out ur statement and follow it up. Get some officials of the church arrested because they are not of God.

  20. My sister make sure you collect your #400,000 back, don’t try to pay any #40,000 as your tithe anymore.. That pastor is nothing but thief.. And so called your boyfriend better shine your eyes my sister, if you eventually married him you’re doom….

  21. The Bible say the judgment will start in house of God, why are you cover the church by name it, let peoples know the church if it truth, God will help us, mension the name, nothing will happen to you

  22. The church is not godly, even if u eventually marry ur boyfriend u will ve problem wit him cos the church will be controlling ur matrimonial home.

  23. I don’t blame the church for acting this way because this is how Yahoo guys operate. They will transfer money from another person account to your account and tell you the money was mistakenly transferred and you should refund some money to them. By the time the bank make reversal transfer, you will be short of the money you refund.

  24. If you can’t involve police as your sister advise then leave the money and stop disturbing us. Mind you if you mean you will not like to have problems in your relationship you already have one. You can’t enjoy that relationship again bcus the Pastor is your boyfriend God including his family. Be wise

  25. It’s a great pity, young lady.See, a fiance is supposed to protect the fiancee not to talk of husband and wife.That guy is an idiot; no fool as such can try that with any of my sister’s except she doesn’t tell me.And, I’ll warn you lastly: that fool is not a husband-material.He’ll frustrate you to death if you dare marry him.Nobody can try that with my Darling Wife of twelve years.


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