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I waited for 6 months to have $€x with my girlfriend, only to find out she has a P€ni$


Man narrates How he waited for months to have $€x with his Girlfriend, only to find out she has a P€ni$.


“I WAITED for six months to have $€x with my girlfriend only to find she has a penis.

“I met her at a party. She wasn’t the prettiest there but she fascinated me.

“We spent the whole evening together then started dating. I’m 20 and she’s 19.

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“We took our time to have $€x because she said she was a virgin and I was too.

“When she finally said she was ready and I saw her naked, I was shocked. Then I thought, “What the hell? She’s still the same person I love.”

“The $€x side was awkward at first but finally we both enjoyed it.

“She told me I was the first boy she’d ever had $€x with. I told her that was OK because she was my first girl.

“She’s talked of gender-reassignment surgery but I’ve told her I’ll still love her whatever she decides to do.

“What is bothering me is: could we be considered as gay? I don’t feel gay because to me my girlfriend is a girl.

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