I want my husband to be poor and jobless so that he can be loyal to me

wonders shall Never end!!, A Nigerian woman wants her husband to be broke and Jobless so as to be Loyal to her, washing her bra and cleaning the house The Relationship Blogger and Lover Doctor Joro Olumofin posted this story on his Instagram account.


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  • you are a bad woman, divorce him and married a poor so that you will see the difference than praying for to be broke

  • Instead of her to pray for a rich and faithful husband. Faithfulness de put food on the table? Your husband could be rich and still be faithful

    • Is she crazy? What the what is she talking about. How sad that she has to wish for these things just to have a man be honest. Makes me sad.

  • Be loyal to your woman comes in many different forms and not providing for her is definitely a form of not being loyal. Especially with you are capable.

  • I am the woman on that picture and my image was STOLEN! I am not Nigerian and I don’t have a husband. I will sue if my face is not removed from this blog!!

  • She’s a dreamer 🙄🙄. Those are the ones more likely to cheat to give their manhood a boost. Silly cow…. what do you think happens if you try to castrate your man Economically, mentally and socially and make him dependent on you ???

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