I Would Rather Remain A Slave To Yoruba than Igbo – Joe Igbokwe

Special adviser on drainage and water resources to the governor of Lagos state, Joe Igbokwe, speaks during his interview on Lagos FM, says he would rather become a slave to Tinubu and Yoruba than Igbos.

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“I Would Rather Remain A Slave To Yoruba And Tinubu Than Please Some Naive Igbo Bunch – Joe Igbokwe

“What has Ndigbo done for me? When I say I’m not Igbo, they attack me as if i care.
Tinubu made me what I am today and I will forever remain grateful to him.”

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    • Fool, selling his birth right for a morsel of food. The man you are loyal to is directly or indirectly responsible for the problem your brothers are facing.

  • Amala and Ewedu might not be responsible , it is his level of reasoning. Why bear an Igbo name, comfortably change it to Yoruba and blessing will fall on you. ASSURANCE awaits you.

  • this man in a world of his own i want to believe he doesn’t visit his village because from the way he talks he has localize himself to tinubu

    • Some Igbos has made some people what they’re including Yorubas which do not change the people’s biological identity, tribal identity. Only an ignorant fool deny his or her biological identities because of help received. An ignorant fool who only think of individual interest, do not think public interests which is Umbrella which shelter all.

    • Joe igbokwe ran to Lagos during the days of Bakasi boys…We all know the story. Joe igbokwe was involved in the activities of the criminal gang in ontisha who's roll was to armed the gang with his immediate brother for robbery in Anambra state their were very powerful that no one challenge them.Bakasi boys destroyed those camp and killed them which one of them reviewed their master…but before then Joe and co escaped. ,their home was bunt down. Joe cannot step his feet in igboland anymore…that's his grievances

  • The ranting of a useful idiot. Only a foolish son points at his father’s house with his left hand. A day will come o!

  • Write your comment here…Tinubu made u what u are, how many people have u made who will say u made dem what dey are today plz brother talk responsible don’t talk bcoz ur mouth is open.

  • am so sorry for you… and when are you becoming the Governor of the state.. and that name is not good for you..

  • is just a pity a man like Joe talking nonsense,just because of yam pourage ,S,A u sold ur petright like Esau,, so remain there never come back home because lgboajugo gi

  • Sebi,i told u that dogs are much more appreciative of good gestures than many of these tribalists from…

    • Igbo’s ve not done anything for you, wat ve u done for Igbo’s,? he will continue to remain a slave to yoruba’s until we Biafra go home, he dare not come to Biafra land bcos we gonna deal with him,

  • is so unfortunate for a matured man to open his mouth and sacrilege word like Igbokwe is saying. well I pity his children and time shall tell of all this words used now by Mr Igbokwe.

  • He has said his mind ,he has national himself as Yoruba leave him alone ,Yoruba people we are acomodate ,Joe Igbokwe enjoy your self ,Jagaban of Borgu Asiwaju of Yoruba land the Lord will continue bless you

  • Joe exercised his freewill rightly or wrongly to be slave for money as he said. But one thing for all human-spirits is, “what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loses his soul?” May God forbid! Everything under the sun is vanity upon vanity.

  • Trace Joe Igbokw’s leneage. I think he’s not from Igboland. Well, Igbos have noted his statement against his children & tomorrow. Allow him, after race we count miles.

  • very sorry bro but we igbo in lagos with all our heart we give to yoruba people as their slave is ur choice didn’t call for fighting

  • But oga Joe home is home. You came to Lagos in search of greener pastures and God used Tinubu but that should not make him replace home. Oga Joe remember you are the only to come to Lagos’o

  • This is a shame. You deny yourself being an Igbo man simply because somebody made you. Shame! Remember that home is home.

  • I wonder how some people who claimed that they are Educated and Wise talk like kid and unwise person. If God uses somebody to blessed you, doesn’t means you would throw away everything of yours to identify him. Some Igbo’s had help Yoruba’s in their respective work but they never come to talks this way my beloved brother had display lack of wisdom.

  • I think that Joe is being too emotional. His loyalty to Tinubu needs not be so dramatized. His unguarded statements may haunt him in the future.

  • Do you think he can associate himself with you people that drug dealers,kidnappers,fraudsters,419 and ritualists.Your tribe brought kidnapping into the country and now everywhere..

    • Can you tell us the origin of the deadliest secret cult(ogboni) in Nigeria?Even the latest… badoo,.Human ritual for money started in Yoruba land……ijebu ode.Drug trafficking started among the Yorubas before other tribes joined them..Yahoo started among unilag students before other graduates joined them.Looting in government is Yoruba’s invention in Nigeria. Abeg,every region get am plenty.

    • Lolly Joe yorubas are known for what self Yahoo plus na Yoruba rituals na Yoruba tinibu is a thief syfone Lagos Treasury and parade himself as jagaban or whatsoever in fact yorubas are fools look at osinbanjo

  • The grave of your father is crying,Igbo-kwe in the deep is crying for over statement.your identity is what directs your posterity not filty lucri.

  • Correct, who cares ! you have your life to live and choose where to belong, I personally don’t care to know such insipid folk like you .if you like turn to egun the choice is yours

  • I love your courage sir, you still bears the name and standout gallantly. My brothers from the SE doesn’t know the meaning of LOVE and Good RELATIONSHIP, all they could think is hatred and abusive word which is bad to their health unknown to them.

  • you are already that without been told, just becos of money. u are a disgrace. shame shame shame.

  • very very unfortunate for a man like you. watch your movement in Yoruba land though you don’t eat yam otherwise Germany yam festival ===!=!!the rest is storey

  • ur type of ideology and idiosyncracy is extinctively obsolate in the Igbo land of our time, so we don’t care to whom u are enslaved. stooge virus .

  • igbokwe is selling his birthright bcos material things …… hope it will not affect ur future generation……. no matter what, home is the best……. someone might have made tinubu, but he still identify with his pple…….. no matter what, u cant b a Yoruba man……. stop denying ur pple……

  • This words you said will be strongly use against you or your children in time to come….many Nigerians from different places have benefits a lot from each others plate. You regarded God as nobody even rather you decided to use Tinubus name to gain more favour from, Oga time shall come when Tinubu himself will tired of making you who you want to be for his own reasons, then you’ll realize your stupidity……

  • you don’t need to tell us for you are allrady a slave. but remove that igbokwe from your name and make it tinubukwe.onye ala .

  • Hahaha, not only a Yoruba man but also a South African man. Hmmm, oga think twice ooo, xenophobia is looming oooo. With your please count your teeth oo.

  • You have all spoken well,, because D measure of a man is'nt D number of D properties he acquired , peherps D level of D money he has made, rather D number of D Pple he Served. Additionally…

  • Joe..it's surprising that you've not announced yet that your surname is Tinubu. After all, stories about Tinubu himself showed that he underwent a surname change too. And by that he submitted to recognise fully his erstwhile benefactor. And that's how to show appreciation. These like stories also abound in Nigeria. For example, there are two footballers in Nigeria who adopted name change in recognition of their benefactor. We can go on and on. You are not the first. I am sure that if Tinubu were igbo, by what he professed about himself, he would easily be grouped as your peer. This would have been your only regret about the flagrant statement if you were truely igbo. Now that PMB has favoured you also, you may consider a Fulani surname also, If you like, and wear it together with your acquired Yoruba identity. It's people like you that has dropped the bad name of "money lovers" for igbos by your action. Obviously, the igbos will not loose sleep because of you however you flirt.

  • Joe igbokwe the most stupid igbo man i have ever known, am not supprise at his comment though. Tinubu made you! who made Tinubu? who have you made? Don'nt worry continue talking, days of reckoning shall soon be here.

  • I don't really understand why this old man will make such a comment because of help he received from someone. I pity u and ur generation. We Igbo's are great people, God himself created us unique. Change ur name to that of Yoruba and stop confusing people.
    I rest my case

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