If Trump is not Elected in 2020, Christians will Suffer – Jim (video)

On an ongoing scene of The Jim Bakker Show, have Jim Bakker come back to one of his preferred paranoid fears, which includes different death plots arranged by dissidents focusing on Christian pioneers and government officials who bolster President Trump.

During a monolog to his group of spectators, Bakker announced that Trump was chosen since “God’s kin” went to the surveys and casted a ballot, and the “adversaries of the gospel know it.”

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“I’m going to state something I likely shouldn’t state,” Bakker cautioned in a video clasp hailed by Right Wing Watch. “What’s coming straightaway, on the off chance that we continue losing, you’re going to see the pioneers of the congregation and the pioneers of the gospel and the political moderate pioneers that are ground-breaking, you are going to see them abruptly kick the bucket, all of a sudden executed—all of a sudden as they were driving, all of a sudden as they were in a pontoon, all of a sudden in a plane—you’re going to see it in a steady progression.”

Bakker went to say that God warned him about this eventuality years ago, adding that he believes “we’re in that time” where life on earth is about to end.

“This is life and death.,” he said.

Bakker has warned about the impending deaths of Christians at the hands of anti-Trump forces before. In August of last year, he lamentedthat his support for Trump has put his life at risk.

“The evil in this country is so bad, if I was a Republican—which I have been my whole life—I couldn’t wear a hat with my candidate on it without concern about being murdered in the street,” Bakker said.

The month before, while discussing a pro-life movie about abortion, Bakker said, “I’ve been hesitating to tell you what’s going to come next … but they’re gonna begin to kill the Christian leaders in this country.”


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