Igbo Billionaire Builds First Class Library In Buhari’s Village (Photos)

Anambra Billionaire Builds World Standard Library In Buhari’s Village (Photos)

Sir Emeka Offor was in Kastina state to inspect the ongoing world standard renovation and refurbishing of Waziri Alhassan Public Library in Daura, Kastina state, Muhammadu Buhari’s hometown.

In the company of the Kafanchan born, Orifite indigene was the Governor of Kastina State, Aminu Bello Masari who was beaming with a smile, with some of his aides.

According to reports, the renovation, furnishing and computerizing of the library came courtesy of Sir Emeka Offor Foundation (SEOF) as part of its educational intervention in Africa.

However, some Igbo youths who heard the news expressed their displeasure, with many of them saying that charity must begin at home.

One commentator who wouldn’t like to be mentioned insinuated that the library won’t be appreciated by the people, he said” I’m not saying that it’s bad to seek the betterment of mankind but charity begins at home. Plus every community has its own particular need, a veterinary hospital in Daura would have served your purpose. A library might infuriate the cow community and cost you more. To think that your name is Emeka is infuriating.”

Agbai said,” Please confirm whether we have a standard library in Anambra or anywhere in southeast”

Elder Fidelis was of the Opinion that Sir Emeka did it for his own selfish reasons, he said,” They are all serving their own personal interest. what will a library do for the people of Daura? Instead of Library, he could have opened a factory where shoe polish is manufactured”

Nnaemeka linked Sir Emeka Offor’s library to EEDC, he said” He is holding tightly to his EEDC so he can now blatantly deal with eastern people anyhow he likes on the issue of power supply and no-one will complain cos he has bought the presidency. That’s how Nigeria works. EEDC is the worst disco in Nigeria, so I’m not surprised.”

Our efforts to reach out to Sir Emeka Offor to get his comment on the issue proved abortive as at the time of writing this report.

Sir Emeka is the chairman, Board of Directors, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, EEDC. He was born in Kafanchan, Kaduna State.



  • This Ibo man is just exercising his foolishness, this is what Jesus said about him, a man that gives what is holy to the dogs, and give his goodly pears before swines who will later turn around to hurt him. Thou fool

    • Write your comment here…this man never building a classroom for his community or give a scholarship naver, hahaha Mr emeka ofor congratulation

  • Write your comment here… waste, why didn’t he build the library where people will come. who in that state or local government, or the town it’s located will go and read in that library. fucking waste.

  • Nigeria is a free world . Any part of Nigeria you feel like doing good to people do it to the glory of God. It is welcomed as long as it reduces the suffering of the people of Nigeria, people should emulate Sir Emeka Ofor and build anything in any state that people should benefit from and glorify God. From Bede Manufor.

  • Write your comment here…May you fly high in life & success be with you always. sir my Allah subahanahuwata’ala protect you and your family.

    • He did the right thing at the wrong place. A good elementary school would have served a better purpose. Anything besides library. Well it depends on what type of books are in that library. May be Koran. Finally, remember that the man was born in Kaduna

  • Write your comment here…TAM of moribound Refineries, Power Contract s. Nigeria deserve to know what happened. hypocrites, sycophants, with such people around PMB, he does not supporters

      • 4 me he makes ag good hisetry tell me how many billoniers u know build a him home for ur vilage or hospital for ur people

  • Write your comment here…Kedu ndi IPOB,this is the kind of igboman you should vent your anger on and not Ekweremadu that is fighting for you.

      • Emeka Office’s action is not bad at all , but how many of such philanthropy has Dangote, Otedola ,Adenuga, Adeleke and none Igbos done in any part of Igbo land till date?. It’s only few Igbos that care for plight of fellow Igbos anyway. Do you also know that our legislators sell out Igbo local and international employment opportunities to outsider?. God save us O!

  • Who ever think nothing dafenetly he will be came nothing! Only minesed person blife najeria I One

  • It Is Surprising And Amazing Seeing And Hearing Some Funny Digital Development Been Built And Structured Outside Our Kindred Territorial Zones, When We The Elite Has Been Maltreated And Never Allowed To Occupird In Any Sensitive Post In Government Of The So Called Nigeria Due To Selfishness And Hatred Surrounding The Us.
    They Claim You Are Been Loved But Back biting You Even As You Can See It With Your Eyes. Every Living Being Wishes And Welcome Good Things But It's Quite Unfortunate That Some Satanic Minded People Had Vowed Never To See The Igbo Ethnic Grow In Life But Still Our So Called Blessed Igbo People Are Buzy Looking For Favor And Opportunity In Government By Erecting Structures That Never Existed Even In Their Own State Of Living.
    Sorry If I May Ask, Will Heaven Fall If We Igbos Build All These Magnificent Edifices In Our Own Town?. CAN'T We Igbos Think And Rethink For Once?. How Many Dangote Building Or Structure Can You See In Any Parts Of Igbo Land?. Do We Igbos Think They Don't Know What They Are Doing?. OUR People Are Been Enslaved, Our Women Been Raped, Youth Been killed And Marginalized On Daily Basis, Instead Of Use Igbos Coming Together To Seek For Lasting Solution Of This Actrocities, Rather We Are Buzy Seeking For Federal Recognition And Post In Government. Bikonu Ihe Nkea o Bu Ogwu Agworo Agwo?, Kedu Ubochi Anyi Bu Ndi Igbo Ga Enwe Uche Ma Teta Na Ura?.
    MAY God Have Extreme Mercy On Us All

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