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It is better to follow Nnamdi Kanu, I am angry with Nigeria – Atiku’s Aide


Atiku’s Aide, Dokun Ojomo, after following Nnamdi Kanu on twitter, says it is better to follow Nnamdi Kanu, adding that He is angry with Nigeria. He also used Nnamdi Kanu as his Cover Photo.


“If Nigerians can vote electronically during Big Brother events, what is the difference? The earlier we digitized electioneering system the better for us. The gains are enormous: it will reduce violence, vote buying & security personnel incursions in d process.

“know more about our national problems. The origin of our national problem and what i can do in my own little way to make amend. Telling Mazi to keep quiet is not the best way to go. Why not invite him to a round table for possible negotiation? This is my honest opinion.1112

“i did not call for the breaking up of the country. i only said i am up set with my country. Things are not working and we need not pretend about.Quote Tweet

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“I started following @MaziNnamdiKanu yesterday because I am also upset with the country called Nigeria. No justice, no security, no housing, no sense, no unity, nothing.

“It is better to follow Mazi Nnamdi Kalu who is fighting for justice for his people than MC Oluomo, who is breeding thugs in Lagos. Nnamdi might be uncouth sometimes but i don’t blame him. Someone has to rise up one and say enough is enough.


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