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It is Boring to Date a christian Brother or Sister – Counselor Adofoli


By Counselor Adofoli

Truth be told, lots of Christian brothers are boring when it comes to dating. Besides the going to church, the praying together on phone, sharing the word of God, it’s really boring going on dates with them. There is nothing to talk about. It’s always the same questions even when they call or visit.

Besides Christian programmes or events or church services most find going out on a date with their fiancé boring. They believe any programme or event which is not a “Christian” programme is worldly and ungodly. Apart from Christian books or movies they show less or no interest in any other.

They won’t attend other events and not only that, they don’t want their partners to attend it either. It could be corporate dinner, a movie or drama at a theatre, a sporting event, and the list is endless. If she insists, she is tagged as not being submissive.

A lot are not interesting folks, they limit themselves to the church, work and family. No wonder most lose the lady they love to others. Some end up getting married to ladies who play roles in the church but don’t have a relationship with them. Making their marriages suffer.

Some wives get tired of the boredom, the only thing that is keeping them married is the phrase “God hates Divorce”, because the church or family is against divorce.

The fact that you are a Christian doesn’t mean you should not seek for knowledge or information about things around you beside the church, you need to know your world and what is happening around you.. It doesn’t mean you should not develop interest in other areas of life except the church. A Christian is supposed to read wide, acquire knowledge so he won’t live a life of ignorance. It takes such a person to be interesting.

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The fact that a Christian listen to other genre of music, reads about the artiste, reads other books or materials does not make him unchristian. You don’t lose your salvation because you read the newspapers; get to know the current affairs, politics, sports, or develop a new interest.

Jesus Christ wasn’t a boring person and that is why people flocked to him. When he is on date with others, even elders, there is much to talk about. He was interesting. He is a learner not just a teacher. Even though He left the earth over 2000 years ago, there is a lot to talk about him.

A single Christian need to know that once you like someone, it means you are interested in them. Go beyond the person and get interested in the things they like. Go beyond the church, career and the house.

Read more about their interests, you might not like what they like but that doesn’t mean you should not acquire information about it or learn about it. It’s one way of getting to know them better, understanding them and also relating to them better.

A knowledgeable person is an interesting person, there is always something to learn from him, fun to be with, there is no dull moment with them. What defines companionship is the other person you are bring on board or accepting as a partner. Someone with a new, different, exciting view. If you are going to be with someone who won’t bring something new to the relationship, it’s not just a boring relationship but it also lacks growth. Mr. Christian brother get to work, don’t be lazy, develop more interests.

In conclusion, “No matter how much a lazy person may want something, he will never get it. A hard worker will get everything he wants”- Proverbs 13:4 (GNT).

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