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It is not a sin for a woman to sleep with her Husband’s Brother – Female Pastor


A Nigerian female Pastor identified as Pastor Mrs. Veronica, has allegedly said that Women can sleep with their Husband’s brother.


“Your Brother Inlaw is your Husband and same blood, that is the same lineage. if something happens and you both have an affair, you have not cheated on your husband because according to African Culture, you are their wife, that is why they call you ‘our wife’ , except you have an affair with an outsider then you have cheated.”

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  1. I totally agree with her because it is categorieses into three stages depending from which angle she his shading the light from in her perspective and base on the three Stages everyone is entitle to his or her own opinion in a sense that there is force nor mandatory in an Individual choice or opinion likewise in an huspand opinion.

    • Bros before you agree to such evil thought ask yourself this question,if you caught your wife having sex with either your elder brother or your younger brother what will be your reaction,2, will you clap for her or will you thank your brothers for doing a great job sleeping with your wife

  2. The wrath of God will visit you soon Jezebel incarnate, you are doom pastor. Hell awaiting you, ASHAWO OF 21CENTURY

    • You are indirectly telling your husband that you are sleeping with his brother shameless pastor,if your wife is attending this kind of church you better stop her this are the kind of women that mis led other women

  3. End time wasters, how can someone be preaching such message and you say she is a pastor. She is satanic and on a major to recruit people for Satan and hell.

    • Just to add my points to those already spoken. You know English language is a problem to some people which they are finding it difficult to understand/comprehend. Likewise some cultures are being misinterpreted. Either by culture or religion, for a woman to be sleeping/having sexual intercourse with her husband’s brother or vice versa is a sin. With reference to what she said, ” by African culture you are their wife, that is why they call you our wife”. Let me throw more light on this. When a woman is married into a family, she is automatically seen and been welcome and embraced by the family as a wife married to a member of the family. So, she’s not a wife married to every member of the family because only the husband paid her bride price and only he can sleep/have sexual intercourse with her and no one else not even her brother-inlaws. She’s just only seen, recognise and embraced as wife married to a member of the family which makes her now part of the family.

  4. Since christianity is a religion of enterprenieurship y wuld anyone appear with his/her own perspective

  5. It is a great sin for a woman to sleep with her husband’s brother because only her husband paid her bride price so that if you share your husband’s bed to his brother you cheated him even if they are identical twin

  6. Since you said there is noting wrong for a woman to sleep with her husband brother, then you live your husband go and sleep with your husband brother

  7. I don’t have the power to judge you madam but what I will say to you is to stop abusing the body of Christ, everyone’s prayer and speech should be how to appeal God Almighty,the creator of heaven and Earth so that he can cleans our lands from this plague that’s destroying our lands and killing our brothers and sisters


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