Joe Igbokwe: Those IPOB who attacked ike Ekweremadu should be Arrested with immediate effect

by somto Okonkwo

I Have Been In Contact With Some Of My Colleagues I Think Those Individuals Who Call Themselves IPOB That Carried Out The Attack On Ike Ekweremmadu In Nuremberg Should Be Arrested And Persecuted With Immediate Effect.

“I’m Seeing To It That They All Are Apprehended. This Kind Of Behavior Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Happen Most Especially In A Foreign Country. I Condemn This Disgraceful Acts By This Set Of Thugs And Miscreants.



  • Write your comment here…get ready to get urs stupid man time will come when all of u won’t get to travel again and seat back here in Nigeria and suffer with us ndi ala

  • jeo yorubakwe where were you when Lagos state government deported ndigbo from Lagos to across the Niger bridge in OSHA anambra state

  • Joe,ur problems are getting out of hands,do u know u are not a Nigerian,those who attacked ekweremadu are far better than u,a man who stole igbo name who does not know where he came from,u claimed to be Nigerian but u don’t know where ur geopolitical region exist.animal

  • Igbokwe, you are more stupid than we thought, arrest them for what, you think Germany is like this nonsense country, go and arrest them na, let us see. You are lucky you are not the one. Bad leader, onye ara

  • Write your comment here…Hahaha, he have given the order. Arrest them with immediate effect see your mouth.

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