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Lady narrates how her sugar daddy used her as $€x slave for Rituals in Occultic Kingdom


A Nigerian Lady who sought the face of God has Narrated how her Sugar Daddy used her as sex slave for his occultic kingdom.


“In the year 2018 June, I got in contact with a long family friend. we got talking, he is married with kids in Abuja and working well while i was in delta. We got talking and he asked me out i declined and we were still talking.

“He started sending me money while I was in school then, he came for a wedding in warri and came visiting, we talked and he bought me a gift, I collected it in my parent’s presence and everyone thanked him. I never knew that gift was what he used in making me accept to be his girlfriend.

“I called him the next day asking to see him, i went myself to meet him in the hotel we had $ex and so on. When i was leaving he asked for my account number and when he got to Abuja the next day, he sent me 50k.

“That was how i became his official side chick in warri. whenever he is in town, I’m always with him and i always have $ex with him. I started avoiding single guys because of him, because I became so used to him

“Early 2019, i meet a young guy who asked me out, before i accepted dating him i told him that he should be ready to share me with my Abuja man friend, he was like I’m stupid that I should check myself that I’m under a spell or something. The young guy was not ready on giving up on me so he accepted and started working on me so i could forget about the Abuja man.

“One day the Abuja man called me and asked me why i was cheating on him. We talked and he said he is coming to town. immediately he got to town, i left the young guy who was dating me and went to spend time with him. I was with him over the weekend before he left on Monday.

“The young guy couldn’t cope with me always talking about my Abuja man friend so he left. That was how i became fully available to my man friend. He ensures he comes to town monthly for my sake. Not until October 2019, i meet a young man who wanted to date me, I accepted him this time around and i told my Abuja guy that i want to settle down that he should let me be, first he was sounding happy but later started saying i shouldn’t marry yet. I didn’t answer him, i started attending service in church, i asked God for mercies and started devoting my time for God’s sake.

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“I was avoiding his calls and so on. All of a sudden in January I started having urge to see my Abuja guy, i was even ready to let go of this present relationship for him. The young man I’m dating presently had to report me to my pastor and i was placed on fasting and prayers.

“You won’t believe that this Abuja guy was into occult groups and was using me as his sex slave all this while. This one isn’t a pastor that told me about me, I saw it in my dreams, I heard it from the Holy spirit also.

“The married man was using me, not only me we are three in different states. I cried all day and when i told my pastor what i saw and heard, he said he wanted me to see things myself that is why he asked me to do the fasting program.

“I confronted the man and that is how he blocked me on all platforms. I don’t want other girls to fall prey for such men because they use money and gift to lure you into dating them without you knowing.

“If not for the young man who God used to break me out of his charms I will still be under his spell till date.

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