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Leave Social media Alone, Face Insecurities – SSANU blasts Buhari


The SENIOR Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, SSANU, on Wednesday told the Federal Government to forget the idea of regulating the social media and face the challenges of insecurity and infrastructural decay in the country.

“It is because the government is not performing that is why it doesn’t want criticism and wants to gag Nigerians. 

“SSANU is against the control of social media, social media should be allowed to thrive so that we can talk. In fact, the only opposition party in this country is social media, every other party has gone underground and bought over. 

“So, we want social media, the government should face the challenges of hunger, unemployment, infrastructural decay, kidnapping, the menace of bandits and road construction and leave social media.” 

“In this country, many funny things are happening. Our military instead of checking the bandits and kidnappers, they are talking of positive identification of Nigerians. Are they Immigration officers? That is not their responsibility.

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“Army should face the bandits. Nigeria is at war, we are not in a military government. All the Service Chiefs should leave office because they have failed,   “W

e have never had it bad like this before on insecurity. We have Boko Haram, we have bandits and kidnappers. In this budget, N878 billion budgeted for defence. Every year, the defence has among the biggest allocation, yet, from the social media we see our soldiers demonstrating before Boko Haram.   

“Lives are involved, our young people joining the army are being sacrificed, they are facing Boko Haram with more sophisticated equipment. Boko Haram is using drones against Nigerian soldiers and the soldiers cannot counter that.    “We claim that our soldiers have gone to Darfur and other different international peacekeeping mission and yet we cannot defend our home against bandits. 

  “I heard the other day that the government is negotiating with bandits in Katsina state in the presence of military and police officers. These bandits are with AK-47 and Machine guns. It is very shameful.  

“I think if somebody fails the exam, you have to review either the teacher or the instruments. The army chiefs have turned to politicians doing the bidding of political parties. The military is a professional assignment, it should not be for political gangsterism.

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“We are appalled to the government to review the position of service chiefs, let vibrant and hard-working officers take over to save the lives of our young soldiers and also save this country from loss of lives.”   

”I am appealing that the Federal Government should release a paper on this and state governors that have started crying to stop crying. Any governor that is not ready to pay should leave the office.   

” It is not compulsory that he should be there. The way to pay is by reducing the cost of governance, all these their siren, convoy of Prado jeeps consuming fuel even with their wives and each commissioner with their own convey, increase the cost of governance. “

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