Mortuary work is my Destiny – Nigerian man (video)

A mortuary attendant of Akwudo Mortuary Nnewi Anambra state, chief Evaristus onu, in an exclusive interview with Mazi Ifeanyi Nwosu, states that Mortuary attendant is his calling and destiny, that he has been in to the Job since 2004 and he loves the Job.

He further stated that the Mortuary Job is not Regular Job, it is a self service, if you are not on divine call, you can’t do it.

When the interviewer asked ‘if he is afraid of the dead bodies, he said No, that he is not afraid of the corpse.

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He also debunked the Rumor that morticians uses charms to protect themselves and control the ghost of the departed, says there is nothing like using of charms or being diabolic in mortuary work except for those who called themselves but for him, He was called by God to do he work.

The Reporter further asked if he prays for people to die, becasue that should be the prayer of every business man, In reaction Mr Evaristus stated that He never prays for people to die but Death is Inevitable.
After the Interview, he took the reporter into the Mortuary.


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