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My Boyfriend Lost his Dad and uncle in a car accident and i want to break up with him – Nigerian Lady


Nigerian Lady (Name withheld) seeks Public Opinion as she wants to break up with her boyfriend after he lost his Dad and uncle in a car accident.


“I have been wanting to break up with my Boyfriend now for 3 months since January 2020.

“I have found someone else, But his father and uncle died last week the was nice to me, (May their soul Rest in Peace).

“My Boyfriend now wants to use me as shoulder to rest on but am in Love with another guy.

“How do i break up with him?

“I want to move on with my Life, He wants me to follow him to warri for the Burial but i don’t want to go.

“He has been crying since and i don’t know how to tell him.

“I already typed a breakup text. Am scared to tell him face to face.

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