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My Boyfriend Love s8x more than his own mother, His spam has finished


A Nigerian Lady has expressed her worries over her boyfriend who had s8x with her, after Releasing, she check the condom and no sperm was found inside. She disclosed this to the Popular Relationship Doctor called Joro.


“I am really worried, Hi Joro. Welcome back. I know you are not a medical doctor but i need a solution to an issue. I have been on google since morning and i think i have proof that my boyfriend cheated on me. so i had sex with him and he released, i checked the condom and it was empty, no sperm* inside. I was shocked, does that happen?, Does sperm finish? I am sure he had sex that day that’s why his sperm finished, 2 minutes after s8x the sperm varnished, his leg shake normally. what does this mean? my boyfriend love sex more than his own mother. He rejected me earlier. I think he had s8x 2 rounds before he met me.”

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