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My Drug Can Cure Coronavirus – Nigerian professor Maduike




Following the outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan which is currently ravaging China and some European countries, a Nigerian professor identified as Maduike Onwubiko Ezeibe has disclosed that the drug he invented would also be effective in the treatment of the Coronavirus.

Nigerian professor Maduike Onwubiko Ezeibe is a scientist and inventor of medicine for curing HIV/AIDS, the Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum-magnesium Silicate (MSAMS).

The Professor of Small Animal and Clinical Virology said that MSAMS has electrostatic attraction between opposite charges.

“The drug, MSAMS, is not just against HIV/AIDS, it is against every disease caused by agents that are electrically charged because we have developed a mechanism of action for the drug.

“This is a novel one that has electrostatic attraction between opposite charges. So, HIV, like every other virus, happens to have electrical charges. Other viruses, including the so-called Lassa fever, Coronavirus and the rest of them are all viruses; they have electrical charges. Cancer cells and other abnormalities, they all have electrical charges.

“All these viruses that have electrical charges, our medicine is able to treat them because the medicine has both positive charged ends and negative charged ends. Therefore, it doesn’t matter the charge which pathogen has but for as far as it has electrical charge, it is effective against HIV, cancer and other viral diseases. Cancer cells are also electrically charged,” Ezeibe said.

He was emphatic that MSAMS “will also be effective against Corona because in so far as it is called virus, every virus is electrically charged.

“So, whether it (Coronavirus) is positively or negatively charged, the medicine has positively charged end which it is going to use to mop up even the Corona virus. We are telling the world that for along as these agents have electrical charges, our medicine can cure it,” he said.

“It is unscientific for anybody to think of developing effective vaccine against HIV/AIDS because HIV attacks the immune cells which are supposed to produce the antibody against the disease.

“Anyone who has studied Infectious Bursa Disease Virus (IBDV) of chickens, like we have done in veterinary medicine, will know that it is not possible for you to develop effective vaccines against HIV,” he said.

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“I did say that HIV vaccine trial was going to fail. The people who started it have accepted it cannot work.

“Nigerian scientists are calling on the world to pay to the use of electrostatic attraction between Nanoparticles and electrically charged disease agents, including HIV/AIDS, Lassa fever and Coronavirus infections, and diseases caused by abnormal cells (Cancers and benign tumours),” he added.

Ezeibe, who is the Dean, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, had in February 2018, announced that he has invented a drug that could cure HIV/AIDS, the Medicinal synthetic Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate (MSAMS).

At the time of publicising his invention, Ezeibe said he asked the Federal Government to assist him financially to enable him to complete the clinical trial of the drug on about 37, 000 HIV/AIDS patients across the federation for 10 months which required heavy funding.

However, Ezeibe’s announcement of his scientific breakthrough was mired in controversy, as the Federal Ministry of Health accused him of flouting established methods of disclosing scientific discoveries of such magnitude.

Till date, the Federal Government has yet to recognise the drug which is being used to cure HIV/AIDS, cancer, prostrate and fibroid, but has honoured the Professor as an innovator.

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