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My Girlfriend broke up with me because of Coronavirus, she is breaking my heart – Married man


A happily married Nigerian man narrates how his girlfriend broke up with him because of coronavirus, says’ she is breaking his heart.


“My Girlfriend broke up with me because of Corona, i am happily married, yes my family is very happy, especially my wife, i keep outside life private.

So my girlfirend has been acting distant since corona started, she has been avoiding me.

“I noticed on her whatsapp status; she is in church more. she wears less makeup.

“Finally i confronted her and she said she is no longer interested in our relationship, that she wants to get closer to God Because of coronavirus, deaths and plenty earthquakes happening.

“I made a jokes about ir and she didn’t listen. it’s funny to me. she even said she wants to return rechargeable fans and generator i bought her.

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“I have invested so much in this girl since 2018. I know she will come back to beg when this virus pandemic clears.

“The world is not ending, the virus is not so deadly

“I will never take her back. she will starve and suffer. i will collect everything i have ever bought for her, even furniture, she is breaking my feeling.

“What do i do?, there are lots of girls who will date me.

“This thing is annoying.. He wrote.

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Anthony Odiase
Anthony Odiase
2 months ago

I thank God for the girl and I sincerely hope you too accept Jesus & stop this adulterous lifestyle which is a very dangerous game. Jesus loves you.