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My husband saw a half Nak€d girl and his D!ck started Rising up – Nigerian Woman


A Nigerian woman (Name withheld) narrates how her Husband saw a Half nak€d Girl, when they visited his sister’s house and his dick started rising up.


“Please i don’t know if am am over reacting on not. Yesterday we went to my husband immediate elder sister’s house and she was not around but she told us that is on her way coming back.

“so gotten there, it was her maid that open gate door for us, getting to the sitting room my sister in-law husband kid sister was laying down in the sitting room with something more like pant and without bra but she was facing down, she is very beautiful and fare in complexion, i think she was laying like that because of heat.

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“As i was sitting with my husband i noticed that my husband dick was strong which was showing in his trouser, when i saw it i got angry so when we got home, i start attacking him why did he allow his dick to rise because of the girl’s nakedness but he did not say anything.

“But to me he is not supposed to allow that to happen as a devoted christian.

“And since then i have been seeing him as a loose man.

“Please tell me if am wrong or not.

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