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My Husband Traveled abroad and I had $€x with my neighbour and got pregnant – Nigerian woman


Nigerian woman Narrates how she had $ex with her neighbor and got pregnant, seeks public opinion.


“Something happened and i don’t know how to handle it. I am a happily married woman and an entrepreneur, my husband travels a lot for his business. I stay in a block of 2 flats.

“The family that stays at the second apartment is close to mine, the wife put to bed a 2 month ago and the husband was the only one at home around that time, late in the night i always hear the man having $ex, due to the heat he opened the bedroom window moaning out his name during the episode of $ex.

“it’s their first child and before the mother arrived from their village, i and the husband went to greet the wife at the hospital and she begged me to do some cooking for her, so her husband will help her bring it to the hospital, on the second day of doing it which the husband use to come and pick it up at my own apartment and leave for the hospital.

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“Then on the third day, i was helping her out again when the husband came 2 hours before he use to pick and brought a wine that we should celebrate his child, i was doing the cooking and we were gisting and drinking and he chipped in that he knows i hear whenever he’s having $ex. I just wave it off.

“Before i know it, he came to the kitchen and suddenly started touching me, rolling his tongue in my ears, to be honest i never wanted it but he roughly had $ex with me in the kitchen floor there.

“He came back again at night after he was back from the hospital to apologize and he roughly had raw sex with me again, everything happened like a flash cos i couldn’t put it together. Men are something else.

“I won’t stop saying it because i am pregnant now, i just got back from the hospital and i don’t know what to do, my husband is coming home in 2 weeks.

“I am devastated. Do you think it’s okay if i shift it on my husband? please hide my Identity.

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